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CABF17: Simpsons Tall Tales
SEASON TWELVE :: 14 Quotes
**Apologies for the audio quality of this episode's sound files

Homer: Hey, wait a minute.. airport tax, five dollars?
Lady: Sir, It's a standard fee.
Homer: Well, we are not boarding that plane unless you wave that tax. :angrily: Wave it!
tall1.mp3    82kb 

Hobo: Mornin, folks!
Homer: What are you gonna do to us?
Hobo: Now don't worry, I'm not a stabbin' hobo, I'm a singin' hobo! :singing: Nothing beats the hobo life! Stabbin' folks with my hobo knife!
tall2.mp3    101kb 

Moe: Wait, where's Lenny?
Lenny: Hello!? Can anybody hear me?
Willie: I think I've found a way oot! It's not pretty, but It'll do!
tall3.mp3    75kb
Lisa: 'Scuse me, Paul Bunyin never fought Rodan. And his size seems to be really inconsistant. I mean, one minute he's 10 feet tall, the next his foot is as big as a lake.
Hobo: Hey, hey.. who's the hobo here!?
Lisa: I'm just saying!
tall4.mp3    97kb
Frink: M-whey, that meteor is headed straight for us, with the fire and the impact and the hundred percent chance of PAIN! PAIN IN THE GLAVING!
tall5.mp3    56kb
Homer: When I'm crushing and killing you, you hate me, but suddenly when I can save your life, I'm Mr. Popular.
Lenny: Yep, that's pretty much it.
Homer: Woohoo! I'm Mr. Popular! Hehehehehehe!
tall6.mp3    93kb
Homer: This one's for the little crippled boy.... that I crippled.
tall7.mp3    26kb 
Hobo: Well, I 'spose I could spin you a few more yarns, but first, who wants to give me a sponge bath. I'm filthy!
Homer: All right, but your next story better be good.
Hobo: Now, get in there... don't be shy.
tall8.mp3    131kb 
Hobo: This is Southside Jake, tearin' into Tincan Tilly.
Homer: Oh, this'll be good!
Jake: Who put the beans in my bindell..
Tilly: Oh I'm so tired of you sayin' that I put beans in your bindell... it just makes me so..
Jake: Do you ever shut up?
Tilly: Kiss me you fool!
:Hobo starts making out with himself:
Lisa: Uuh, can we hear another tall tale?
tall9.mp3    190kb 
Homer: Cleaning my gun with the safety off, safety off, safety off, cleaning my gun with the... :gun shoots, kills a Buffalo:
Lisa: Dad, you just killed a poor defenceless Buffalo!
Homer: A poor delicious Buffalo! He'll be dinner for the whole wagon train! :he shoots again:
Lisa: Why'd you kill another one?
Homer: Dessert!
tall10.mp3    137kb 
Voice: Connie!
Lisa: Huh?
Voice: Connieeee!
Lisa: That tree! It seems to be calling to me! Of course! Apples!
Hans Moleman: No, Connie.. over here! Help me!
tall11.mp3    135kb 
Hobo: So Connie roamed the prarie alone, planting appleseeds along the way. She even changed her last name to Appleseed. And the family changed theres to Buffokill.
tall12.mp3    94kb
Nelson: I'm considerable hungry, we got any food left?
Bart: Hmm, looks like we're out of corn pone, fat back, hard tack, fat pone, corn tack...
Nelson: Any tack back?
Bart: Tack back!?
Nelson: I mean.. back tack..
Bart: All out.
tall13.mp3    75kb 
[ Homer has to stay behind and give the hobo two more spongebaths. He has a conversation with him about his body ]
tall14.mp3    253kb 

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