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CABF15: I'm Goin' To Praiseland
SEASON TWELVE :: 21 Quotes
Bart: Ice cream at church? I'm intrigued, yet suspicious!
Lisa: Wow. Look at all these flavours. Blessed Virgin Berry, Commandment, Bible Gum...
Rev. Lovejoy: Or, if you'd prefer, we also have Unitarian icecream.
Lisa: There's nothing here!
Rev. Lovejoy: Exactly.
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Cletus: I'll have the darkety kind.
Frink: Uh, one chocolate, Mootilda.
Marge: Could I have a swirl of Chocolate and Vanilla?
Mootilda: Moooo!? Muh uh!
Frink: Nonsense, you can do it! :cow kicks frink: Glaaven! Gii-Iven Reitman.
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Dr. Hibbert: I've never seen a brain freeze this bad. Give me 50cc's of hot fudge, stat! Hold still, you're going to feel a slight chocolately sensation.
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Homer: He can't admit he likes her until he's sure she likes him back. And there's only one way to find out! Does-Rachel-Like-Ned?
Ned: It says I have cooties.
Homer: Flanders has cooties, Flanders has cooties!
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Ned: Well, whaddya know? We both like plain Vanilla with nothing on it.
Rachel: Actually, all the toppings were gone.
praiseland5.mp3    37kb
Milhouse: Ants are crawling in my mouth and I don't care!
praiseland6.mp3    41kb
Ned: So uuh, where's your band?
Rachel: They switched from Christian music to regular pop. All you do is change 'Jesus' to 'baby'.
Ned: Oh, how horrible.
Rachel: Oh, they'll all go to hell.
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Rachel: Say, how's your life going?
Homer: Oooh, she wants to know how your life is going!
Ned: Well, my wife's passing was rough but... I think I'm finally ready to move on.
Rachel: That's great. Maybe we could have coffee sometime.
Homer: Oooh, she wants to have coffee sometime!
Ned: I can hear her, Homer!
Homer: He can hear you, Rachel!
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Homer: Hotel!? Why don't you just stay at Ned's place?
Ned: My place, what would the neighbors think?
Lisa: We are the neighbors and we don't think...
praiseland9.mp3    43kb 
Ned: Mm, well... g'night Maude, I mean.. Maude. I mean, Rachel. I mean... Maude!
praiseland10.mp3    34kb 
Lisa: Don't throw this away! It's Rod's first tooth!
Bart: You're right, we could use this for witchcraft.
praiseland11.mp3    36kb 
Park Owner: Aww you are so full of it! God's grace that is. It's really sickening!... There aren't more people like you. Now get out!.... Your pen. And we'll make it official.
praiseland12.mp3    85kb
Chief Wiggum: You can have these fireworks I've confiscated. Some Chinese people claimed they were celebrating New Years in February.
Homer: Oh yeah. Those guys and their crazy scams.
Chief Wiggum/Homer: Hehehehehehehehe..
Chief Wiggum: Hehe... good food though.
praiseland13.mp3    112kb 
Mayor Quimby: It is with uh, great prize that I dedicate this new school, sports arena, or attraction.
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King David: Halt! Who dares to disturb King David?...... SILENCE! You have invaded the chamber where I wrote all of my 150 psalms. I hope you enjoy hearing them all. Number one.. blessed is the man... :children cry and try to escape:
praiseland15.mp3    176kb 

Nelson: What do you hit them with? There's no mallet!
Ned: You can stop Satan with your faith.
Nelson: With my face? You calling me ugly?
Ned: No, no no I think you're beautiful!
Nelson: Oh, that's it!
praiseland16.mp3    90kb 

Marge: It's a miracle!
Ned: It's almost like she's alive again.
Chief Wiggum: What's that, floating mask? want me to shoot everyone? Hah. Nah, just kidding. It's a miracle.
praiseland17.mp3    101kb 

Chalmers: This is fantastic. I've never been so close to rubbing my eyes in disbelief. Oh what the hell.... HUH!? HUH!?
Moe: I think it's a sign from god that we should all go nuts!
praiseland18.mp3    128kb 

Marge: You could give the money to the orphanage. I hear they need a new wall.
Orphan: Three is not enough :very unattractive cough:
praiseland19.mp3    67kb 

Orphan: What is is mister Flanders. Is there something wrong with the miracle?
Orphan 2: Will there still be money for the orphans? :unattractive cough again:
praiseland20.mp3    84kb 

Ned: Hello, Gas company... How poisonous is your gas? Wow. But I'm talking about... outdoors with plenty of ventilation...... How could that be worse? Okay, permanant brain damage, or just temporary? I see...
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