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CABF14: Trilogy Of Error
SEASON TWELVE :: 27 Quotes
Ned Flanders: Son of a diddly!
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Bart: :doorbell rings: It's Milhouse... :doorbell rings several more times: and he has big news!
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Lisa: I'll get us out of this. Say dad, wanna go see my project for the school science fair?
Homer: No Lisa... but I sure don't want to eat this crappy breakfast!
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Lisa: If you misuse language, he'll correct you!
Homer: Well, lets put him to the test! Me love beer!
Linguo: I love beer!
Homer: Hey! He loves beer! Here little fellah!
Linguo: ERROR!
Homer: I'm sorry, I thought he was a party robot.
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Homer: Ooh! Can I have a brownie?
Marge: They're for after dinner!
Homer: Ooh! Can I have dinner!?
Marge: You can't have a brownie. Period!
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Homer: AAAAAGHH! My thumb! Oh god, Oh god, Oh god!
I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
Homer: Sorry doesn't put thumbs on the hand, Marge!
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Chief Wiggum: 911, this better be good!
Marge: I cut off my husbands thumb!
Chief Wiggum: Attempted murder!? You'll burn for this! Burn in jail!
Marge: It was an accident!
Chief Wiggum: Yeah, yeah. Save it for Dateline, Tuesday. What's your address, so I can come and arrest you.
Marge: Arrest me? My address! It's uum.... 1..2...3.... Fake Street!
Chief Wiggum: 123 Fake Street. Got it.
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Ned Flanders: And Harry Potter and all his wizard friends went straight to hell for practicing witchcraft!
error8.mp3    54kb 
Marge: We've gotta get to the hospital, Homer!
Homer: Okay. If the doctor asks why you cut it off, you caught me in bed with four beautiful women!
error9.mp3    48kb 
Dr. Hibbert: I'm sorry, Homer. Your HMO doesn't cover this type of injury.
Homer: But I have finger insurance!
Dr. Hibbert: A thumb is not a finger!
error10.mp3    54kb 
Cletus: You and me share a common infirmity. If anyone tells you a Hog wont eat a finger.. dey's lying.
error11.mp3    107kb 
Dr. Nick: Inflammable means flammable? What a country!
error12.mp3    28kb
Homer: :gasp: Linguo..... dead!?
Linguo: Lingo...... is......... deeeeeeeeeaaaaaad.
error13.mp3    97kb 
Lisa: Hang on, Linguo. You'll be up and congegating in no time.
Homer: AAAAAGHH! My thumb!
Lisa: Quiet please! Some of us are trying to weld!
error14.mp3    64kb 

Chief Wiggum: Hey, Teeny.. you know where 123 Fake Street is?
Mr. Teeny: "I don't know what you are saying"
Chief Wiggum: Ah, it's okay. Hey we've got the same hat!
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Lisa: WEST Springfield? I'm at the wrong school!
-Students in the class laugh, teacher tells them to laugh in French-
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Chief Wiggum: We're trying to get the goods on some smugglers.
Fat Tony: Why, I'd be delighted to sell you some illegally smuggled goods.
Lisa: That sounds like Fat Tony.
Chief Wiggum: Only one way to be sure. Fat Tony, is that you? Fat Tony?
Legs: Hey.. where's that voice coming from?
Louie: This guy's wearing a wire!
Fat Tony: Take him out :gunshot sounds:
Chief Wiggum: My bad! Can't work my answering machine either. Heh.
error17.mp3    150kb 

Homer: Abraca-thumbra!
Cletus: Haha! Dang. You could be one of dem TV magic queers!
error18.mp3    55kb 

Krusty Alarm Clock: Hey hey! Hey hey! Hey hey! Lazy eh? Go get him, boys! :Itchy & Scratchy are released:
error19.mp3    67kb 

Bart: What's is like riding a girls bike?
Milhouse: It's disturbingly comfortable...
error20.mp3    43kb 

Bart: Woah. How'd you find it?
Milhouse: This is where I come to cry...
error21.mp3    46kb 

Dr. Nick: Don't worry. It's inflammable. :bursts into fire: Let's keep this our little secret...
error22.mp3    72kb 

Chief Wiggum: Here we are, 123 Fake Street. The home of knifey wifey!
Lou: Hey Chief, can I hold my gun sideways? It looks so cool.
Chief Wiggum: Haha sure. Whatever you want, birthday boy.
error23.mp3    80kb 

Chief Wiggum: Okay drop the knife, Stabbitha! Great Grucci's Ghost! We've uncovered a hardcore cracker house!
Lou: There's enough chinese sky candy here to put you boys away for a long time.
Milhouse: I can't go to Duty. They use guys like me as currency.
Chief Wiggum: Yeah they'll pass you around like..... uh, like currency, like you said.
error24.mp3    145kb 

Chief Wiggum: Your mission is to find the firework smugglers and get them to say something incriminating on this tape..
Bart: Hootie and the Blowfish?
Chief Wiggum: Yeah.... It's cheaper than blank tape.
error25.mp3    68kb 

Louie: They's throwing robots!
Linguo: They are throwing robots.
Legs: He's disrespecting us. Shuttupa you face!
Linguo: Shut up your face!
Legs: Wassamatta you?
Louie: You aint so big.
Legs: Me and him are gonna whack you in the Labonza!
Linguo: Bad... grammar... overload. Error! Error!
Homer: What the hell!? :gasp: Linguo..... dead!?
error26.mp3    195kb 

Marge: Boy, this sure was one crazy day. Right Mr. Teeny!?
Mr Teeny: "This plot made no sense! Tell the people!"
error27.mp3    82kb 

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