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CABF12: New Kids On The Blecch
SEASON TWELVE :: 24 Quotes
Announcer: And in 1984, Portugal's Carlos Lopez becomes the oldest Olympic marathon runner ever at age 38.
Homer: 38!? That's roughly my age! Marge! After a lot of thought... I've decided to run the Springfield marathon!
band1.mp3    114kb 

Marge: Oh please! You get exhausted watching the Twilight Zone marathon! :laughs: I'm a regular Billy Crystal!
Bart: :not laughing: You got that right.
band2.mp3    60kb 

Homer: I can't believe it! I'm actually running a marathon! Ow! I hit the wall! This is so painful! Hey! I got my second wind, D'oh! Another wall.
band3.mp3    85kb
Marge: Hey! Grampa's running!
Lisa: That's not Grampa, dad's just dehydrated!
band4.mp3    75kb
Bart: Please mom! My dream is to be a rockstar!
Homer: And my dream is to get rid of Bart! How many lives must you ruin!
Marge: Oh okay!
band5.mp3    65kb
Bart/Nelson/Ralph/Milhouse: :singing without synthesizer:
Party Posse we rule the earth, the greatest band since music's birth!
band6.mp3    39kb
Party Posse Song: 'Special Girl'
band7.mp3    157kb 
Party Posse Song: 'Spell Out What You Mean To Me'
band8.mp3    180kb 
L.T. Smash: Man, they're gonna be big.. and you stood in their way!
Skinner: No I didn't! I even came in early and made Orange drink!
L.T. Smash: Orange drink? What, do you live with your momma?
Skinner: She lives with me!
band9.mp3    80kb 
Milhouse: :gasp: It's N'Sync!
-N'Sync entrance music-
N'Sync: ..Word!
Nelson: What brings you to Springfield?
N'Sync: We saw your band formation notice in the paper.
Bart: Really? You saw our BFN?
N'Sync: I can't believe I'm meeting Milhouse! Word!
band10.mp3    116kb 
N'Sync: Dudes, we've gotta go. Our clothes are getting a little out of date! / To the bandana republic! / Word!
-N'Sync exit music-
Bart: Now we gotta send them a basket!
band11.mp3    93kb 
Music Video Presenter: Wooooo! That was the latest ad for Strydex pads! Medicated! Okay comin' at ya, a world premiere video from P-squared. That's the Par-tay Posse! WoooOOOoo! Yeah! Alriiiiight! ................ Rock! WoooOoo!
band12.mp3    154kb
Party Posse Song: 'Yvan Eht Nioj'
band13.mp3    322kb
Homer: Yvan Eht Nioj! You've gotta love that crazy chorus!
Lisa: What does it mean?
Homer: Eh, it doesn't mean anything. Like ramalanga ding dong, and give peace a chance.
band14.mp3    72kb
Lisa: Otto! What are you doing?
Otto: I dunno! I just got an urge to join the Navy.
Lisa: You're being brainwashed!
Otto: Yeah, probably. Yvan Eht Nioj!
band15.mp3    83kb
L.T. Smash: It's a three-pronged attack. Subliminal, liminal, and super liminal.
Lisa: Super liminal?
L.T. Smash: I'll show you.... HEY YOU! Join the navy!
Carl: Yeah, alright.
Lenny: I'm in!
band16.mp3    75kb
Homer: Hehe... here comes the jealousy bug! Gonna get ya!
Lisa: Hey
Homer: Gonna get ya!
Lisa: Cut it out! You're a grown man!
Homer: :gasp: I wanna go home now!
band17.mp3    65kb
Party Posse Song: 'Four Sweet Years Of Love'
band18.mp3    223kb
Party Posse: :singing the above song, and the voice Synthesizer stops, revealling the band's true colors:
band19.mp3    112kb
Mad Magazine Guy: Why don't we call it 'Everybody Hates Raymond'. Hehehehe!
band20.mp3    32kb
N'Sync: We heard what you said / Yeah, heard it old school!
Milhouse: :gasp: It's N'Sync!
N'Sync: Can the chit-chat, Milhouse. We've got just the song you need to defuse this whack-attack. / Defuse it, old school!
Homer: About time!
Milhouse: Radical!
Nelson: Awesome!
Ralph: I can't read!
band21.mp3    118kb
Nelson: Nobody pouts going into a jiggy!
Milhouse: Yeah, that's stupid!
Ralph: I wanna twirl!
band22.mp3    36kb
Bart: Aw man, we could have been on the cover of 'Mad'
Nelson: They called me.. Smellson! Hahahaha!
Homer: Smellson! It's funny 'cuz you small. Ahahahaha!
band23.mp3    89kb
N'Sync: Y'know, we've had a lot of fun tonight at the expense of the U.S. Navy! / But they're out there every day protecting us from Godzilla / And don't forget pirates / And Jellyfish / Those wackin vertebraes will sting you, old school! / So check out the Navy for a two or four year hitch! / We signed J.C. up yesterday!
J.C.: Wha.... NOOOOOOO!
band24.mp3    133kb

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