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CABF11: Bye Bye Nerdie
SEASON TWELVE :: 22 Quotes
Lisa: That Ad Campaign may have crossed a line.
Homer: Ah what can you do? Sex sells.
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Marge: You should have left for work an hour ago!
Homer: They said if I come in late again I'm fired. I can't take that chance!
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Milhouse: Woah! It's like Speed 2. Only with a bus instead of a boat!
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Lisa: Oh it's tough being the new kid, somebody should go talk to her.
Bart: Yeah, somebody should. One hour dry cleaner? Man, that's fast!
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Lady: Your baby is dead! That's what you'd hear if your baby fell victim to the thousands of death traps lurking in the average American home.
Marge: Springfield Baby Proofing?
Homer: Y.. you really scared us!
Lady: Sorry about that. But the truth is, your baby, Maggie Simpson, is dead! Dead tired of baby-proofers who don't provide a free estimate!
nerdie5.mp3    157kb
Homer: That's a pretty big kaboose for a baby!
Marge: Homer don't be.. wow, that IS huge.
nerdie6.mp3    35kb
Lady: You see how quickly your baby could have been drinking this... Similac Baby Formula!?
nerdie7.mp3    82kb 
Homer: This is such an eye-opener. I always pictured the kids dying in the living room!
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Bart: Look at the new kid hogging the teeter-totter! It's like she owns the place.
Milhouse: Yeah! She thinks she's Babe, Pig In The City!
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Homer: Back in Grade School I had a bully problem myself!
-flashback sequence-
Homer: :singing, while punching nerd: Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting! Those kicks were fast as lightning!
-end flashback-
Homer: Good times!
nerdie10.mp3    121kb 
Homer: That baby-proofing crook wanted to sell us safety covers for the electrical outlets. But I'll just draw bunny faces on them to scare Maggie away.
Marge: She's not afraid of bunnies!
Homer: She will be!
nerdie11.mp3    109kb 
Lisa: How bout Jazz? You like Jazz?
Milhouse: I like Jazz!
Lisa: Milhouse? She got you too?
Milhouse: Yeah, but it's not so bad. I'm standing on Ralph!
Ralph: We're a totem-pole!
nerdie12.mp3    98kb
Homer: Look, I already encased the telephone in concrete.
Marge: How are you supposed to dial?
Homer: Reach into these holes! I use a carrot.
Marge: Isn't that a little excessive? I mean, how are the buttons dangerous!?
Homer: Baby could order poison!
Marge: Oh that's ridiculous!
[Homer dials numbers]
Phone Announcer: Poison Delivery Service! A gift basket of poisons is on it's way.
Marge: Oh I'm a horrible mother!
nerdie13.mp3    155kb 
Nelson: Why are you throwing tomatoes at yourself, huh? Why are you throwing tomatoes at yourself?
Martin: Your very question is faulty!
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Drederick Tatum: And so as heavyweight champion, recognized by nine of the fourteen sanctioning bodies, I sincerely urge you all to stay in school. Uhh, thankyou.
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Lisa: Mr. Tatum, do you mind if I swab you with this damp rag.
Drederick Tatum: No, not at all, swab away. Woah woa.. nobody mentioned a beaker!
Lisa: Please! It's for science!
Drederick Tatum: Oh, for science? In that case, proceed.
nerdie16.mp3    92kb 

Drederick Tatum: Hey, cut it out, I insist that you desist!
Nelson: Sorry! I'm so sorry! :punches tatum: Please don't hurt me!
Drederick Tatum: You leave me little recourse!
nerdie17.mp3    113kb 

Homer: :singing: You can dance! You can dance! Everybody look at your pants!
nerdie18.mp3    29kb 

Homer: Babies of Springfield, we need your help! Please, skin your knees! Put dice up your nose! Let cat's sleep on your face!
nerdie19.mp3    67kb 

Frink: Scientists.. scientists, please! Looking for some order. Some order please, with the eyes forward and the eyes neatly.. folded and the... PI IS EXACTLY THREE! Sorry it had to come to that..
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Lisa: I have isolated the chemical which is omitted by every geek, dork, and four-eyes. I call it "poindexdros".
Homer: WOOHOO! Simpsons Rule!..... sorry.
nerdie21.mp3    72kb 

Homer: So all her bullying was just to get some attention.
Lisa: No, dad didn't you listen to anything I said?
Homer: Just to get some attention!
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