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CABF09: Hungry Hungry Homer
SEASON TWELVE :: 18 Quotes
Announcer: So! How much did you love Blocko-Land!?
Boy: It was alright I guess...
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Homer: Kids... how would you... like to go to... Blocko Land!?
Lisa/Bart: Meh
Homer: But... the TV gave me the impression tha..
Bart: We said "meh"
Lisa: M-e-h. Meh.
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Marge: Well I'd like to go.. how bout you Maggie?
Maggie: :delighted squeal, gets in car seat, jumps to door:
Family: Awwwww! [they stop when they realize maggie has started the car up]
Homer: Maggie, No!
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Lisa: We have our choice of rectangle land, cube country, or squaresville.
Marge: Squaresville sounds pretty cool!
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Homer: Hehehe... I am a robot, do what I say, hehehehe. I am a washing machine, do what I say, hehe.
hungry5.mp3    76kb
Bart: Owww... Why did I get this Lego shirt?
Marge: Don't you mean Blocko shirt?
Bart: Right, right.. "Blocko" shirt.
hungry6.mp3    70kb
Homer: Welcome to real life Lisa, you can't fight City Hall.. aka. Blocko Land. So don't even try!
Marge: What kind of a thing is that to tell your children?
Homer: It's what I always tell them. I told them that twice yesterday, and then again as they were going to sleep.
Marge: I'm sure the gift shop will replace the missing piece.
Homer: You're right honey. You hear that kids, the Simpsons are going to Blocko Land!
hungry7.mp3    181kb 
Homer: Those bullies are gone now!
Snake: You idiot! They were beating out my shirt fire!
Homer: My heart was in the right place, jerk.
hungry8.mp3    121kb 
Homer: Got a problem, Bart?
Bart: The girl at school won't go to the dance with me.
Lisa: :childish singing: Bart's got a girlfriend!
Bart: No I don't, that's the problem.
Lisa: :childish singing: Bart's got a problem!
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Homer: The satisfaction of helping another human being is all the thanks I etcetera.
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Lenny: The team's been terrible since they got bought by the cheap heartless Duff corporation. Hey Moe, give us a Duff! Ah yeah, sweet Duff.
hungry11.mp3    77kb 
Homer: Is this the executive office of the ball club.
Guy: Nope, this is the equipment shed.
Homer: Is that it?
Guy: That's where we keep the water heater..
Homer: Is..
Guy: That's a tractor.
Homer: I see.
hungry12.mp3    80kb
Homer: How long have I been out here?
Bart: All night, you were yelling at the swing.
Homer: I was? But I love the swing.
hungry13.mp3    45kb 
Howard: Well I think I know tomorrow's headline. "Local Man Is Liar".
Reporter: Hey, that is a good headline!
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Ralph: His tummy sounds angry, daddy!
Chief Wiggum: Yeah, that's his stomach eating itself!
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Duffman: Duffman has a bad feeling about this!
Howard: Can it, Sid!
Duffman: :talking normally: Why don't you can it, Howard!?
hungry16.mp3    37kb 

Homer: I'm wasting away! Oh.. I'm down to a "B-Cup".
hungry17.mp3    27kb 

Albuquerque Mayor: Looks like we'll have to steal some other Baseball team. See what Dallas wants for the cowboys.
Assistant: Uh, that's a football team, sir.
Albuquerque Mayor: They'll play what I tell them to play.
hungry18.mp3    59kb 

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