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CABF05: Pokey Mom
SEASON TWELVE :: 17 Quotes
Marge: They're unveiling a combination Apron-smock! It's called a Smapron!
Homer: Did you say smockron!?
Marge: No, smapron!
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Announcing: Well don't feel too bad for him folks, he's here for erecting a nativity scene on city property!
Marge: There's so much evil in the world!
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Clown #1: Is my lipstick even?
Clown #2: Go like this *puckers lips together three times*
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Marge: How's your back, Homey?
Homer: I can't complain! :points to sign:
Guy: No, that's for prisoners, you can complain all you want.
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Marge: This is Marge Simpson. I'm here to teach an art class.
Guy: Ooooh, art class. La-di-daaah.
Cop: Zack Frost, he's going to solitary
Guy: Ooooh, solitary. La-di-daaah.
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Marge: Question?
Prisoner: Can I smell your dress?
Jack: Hey! You show some respect! This one here's not for smelling.
Marge: Why thankyou, Jack!
Jack: No problem, now, lets paint.
Prisoner: :to Jack: Hey can I smell your clothes?
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Jack: Well, if you really gotta know.... I shot a guy named Apu.
Marge: Oh, well you know lots of people shoot Apu. It's just a hundred dollar fine now.
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Homer: Less yackin' more cracking.
Chiropractor: Now Homer, we don't actually crack backs, it's merely an adjustment. Okay, you're going to hear a loud cracking sound. *crack* there we go!
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Guy: He wasn't so polite to the guy he shot!
Apu: Actually he was. He waited with me till the ambulance came and then ran like a deer.
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Homer: Oh my back! Dr. Steve didn't do anything!
Bart: Did you do those exercises he gave you?
Homer: Yeah right. I did them while you were studying. Hehe.
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Lenny: So Homer, you think you can fix my Cyatica?
Homer: Hmm, I don't know what that is so I'm going to say yes. Now go limp.
Lenny: I'm limp!
Homer: One two, better not sue!
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Jack: Listen, if you're done with that washing machine, could I put some booze in it?
Marge: Not until you finish my sundae!
Jack: Yes ma'am.
Marge: What's wrong with my sundae's?
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Skinner: You know, when superintendant Chalmers suggested a mural, I almost thought he said a school Muriel.... ahah....... Muriel's his sister, and uh...
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Marge: Just because he's an ex con..
Skinner: Crowley's an ex-con? Good lord I pee'd in front of him!
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Marge: Oh chief, I found some evidence that points to the real arsonist.
Well lets see it
Marge: Not yet. You have to guess what it is!
Skinner: We don't have time for guessing games.
Wiggum: Nah, let's try it, it might be fun. Is it DNA? So it's like DNA. A hatchet?
Skinner: You had a turn, I want a guess!
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Marge: You crumb bum! You looked right in my eye and lied to me!
Jack: Marge this is the god' truth. I burned the mural. But I did not burn Skinner's car.
Marge: I just saw you! Get him outta here, chief!
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Scene: Chief Wiggum and Jack Crowley discuss television shows, from the end of the episode.
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