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CABF03: The Great Money Caper
SEASON TWELVE :: 12 Quotes
Magician: Okay Marge and who's that gentleman you're with?
Marge: That's no gentleman that's my husband!
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Magician: Don't worry Marge, you won't feel a thing. You'll feel four things!
Homer: :whispering: He's very gooood!
:the knives fall and monkeys appear in her place:
:gasp: So she was made of chimps!
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Bart: Cool gift shop! Ages 8 - 80. That's me! Dad! Will you get me this magic kit?
Homer: Gee, I wish I could, son, but we already left the gift shop!
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Marge: Why are you frosting that old throw-pillow?
Homer: I could ask you the very same question!
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Bart: Wow! Look at all this lute! What shall we buy first?
Homer: A singing rubber fish of course!
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Homer: Dog for sale! Dog for sale!
Dr. Hibbert: How much for the dog?
Homer: Oh, he's not for sale.
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Homer: Dad?
Abe: That's right! :smokes a pipe:
Bart: You don't smoke a pipe!
Abe: That's right! :coughs:
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Bart: That's not an FBI badge!
Homer: Colgate Cavity Patrol!? Ohhh.
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Homer: Let's all hit the hay.
Marge: It's 10 in the morning.
Homer: I guess you haven't heard of chloroform.
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Judge: Mr foreman. Has the jury reached a verdic?
Cletus: I believe we was promised five dollars a day? A'ight then... GUILTY!
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Homer: And then I lied to you all :cries: so did Bart :resumes crying:
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Otto: Hey everybody! Surf's up!
Bart: Cowabunga!
(perhaps one of the weirdest episode endings ever)
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