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CABF01: Lisa The Tree Hugger
SEASON TWELVE :: 15 Quotes
Announcer: Krusty The Clown is brought to you by the new Gamestation 256... It's slightly faster! To the maaaax!
Bart: 256? Oh and I'm stuck with this useless 252 :kicks it into an open fire:
Gamestation: Don't destroy me! I can still make you happy! To the maaaax!
treehugger1.mp3    144kb 

Marge: :singing: When you get a penny from a chum, don't just buy some bubble gum! Put it in your cap! Put it in your cap! When you find a nickel in the snow, don't just blow it on a picture show! Put it in your cap! Put it in your cap!
Bart: ...I don't have a cap.
Marge: :singing: When you spy a quarter in a pie...
Bart: :moans:
treehugger2.mp3    136kb 

Bart: You're paying me in hair! Are you insane?
Guy: :insane laughter:
treehugger3.mp3    49kb
Homer: Take that Lisa's beliefs!
treehugger4.mp3    27kb
Kent Brockman: Krusty The Clown has issued the following statement... "This, I don't need!"
treehugger5.mp3    27kb
Lisa: Dad! Change it back!
Marge: Yeah! That was the boy Lisa likes!
Lisa: No I don't!
Bart: Lisa and Jessie sittin' in a tree! k-i-s-s-i-n-g
Lisa: Shut up!
Homer: First comes love, then dammit I know this!
treehugger6.mp3    95kb
Lisa: I'd like to visit a prisoner!
Chief Wiggum: Yeah, sure.
Lisa: Aren't you coming with me?
Chief Wiggum: Hey, I get enough flaming toilet paper thrown on me at home.
treehugger7.mp3    75kb 
Homer: No! I like to save the environment my own way
:does donuts in the carpark:
Mmmm, donuts!
treehugger8.mp3    78kb 
Homer: Marge! She's gonna knock on our stash!
Marge: We don't have a stash!
Homer: No of... course.. not.
treehugger9.mp3    46kb 
Homer: This is your fault with your non threatening Bobby Sherman-style good looks. No girl could resist your charms.
Jessie: This was her choice, Mr. Simpson...
Homer: I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. I was lost in your eyes.
treehugger10.mp3    75kb 
Lisa: Dear Lisa. You rock! Mom is calling rescue agencies, dad is building a giant ladder but it is a poor quality. We miss you, Bart.
treehugger11.mp3    77kb 
Homer: :strangling Bart: You call that saying grace!?
treehugger12.mp3    44kb
Homer: Before Lisa died, she made this tape that I think you should hear.
Lisa: (on tape) Dear Moe, if anything should ever happen to me, I want you to tear up my dad's tab, and pour cocktail onion's.... da-ad, I can't!
Homer: (on tape) Read it!
Lisa: (on tape) Pour cocktail onions down your pants.
Moe: Well, I aint ever said no to a dead girl yet.
treehugger13.mp3    167kb
Jessie: Nice work, tree. Now.... return to me. Oh right. I don't have super powers. Just yet.
treehugger14.mp3    69kb
Song: This log is your log, this log is my log, when lightning struck it, it kicked the bucket Moe: I put some onions, inside my trousers. Song: This log, it used to be a tree, now it spreads love to you and me. Hey look, it's heading out to sea.
treehugger15.mp3    209kb

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