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BABF17: Insane Clown Poppy
SEASON TWELVE :: 19 Quotes
Homer: It's hopeless!
Bart: Or.. is it?
Homer: Yeah, it's hopeless!
Bart: I said or is it?

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Homer: Uh, honey, there's a point in every father's life when he blows up his daughter's room.
Lisa: Oh yeah? You didn't blow up Maggie's room!
:an explosion is heard in the background:

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Homer: Do you have any friends or family you can stay with?
Lisa: You've ruined all my stuff!
Homer: Oh, c'mon. Tell us how we can make it up to you. Hey.. pretend it's your birthday!
Lisa: It is my birthday!
Bart: That's the spirit, now whad'ya wanna do?
Lisa: Well, the book festival starts today..
Homer: Anything at all, you name it, whad'ya wanna do?

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Marge: So, Mr. King. What kind of tale of horror are you working on now?
Stephen King: Oh I don't feel like writing horror right now.
Marge: Oh, that's too bad.
Stephen King: I'm working on a biography of Benjamin Franklin. He's a fascinating man. He discovered electricity, and used it to torture small animals and mountain men. And that KEY he tied to the end of a KITE..... IT OPENED THE GATES OF HELL!!!!!!!!!!
Marge: Well.... let me know when you get back to horror.
Stephen King: Will do!

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Dr. Nick: With my diet, you can eat all you want, any time you want.
Marge: And you'll lose weight?
Dr. Nick: Err... you might! It's a free country!

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Krusty: Name?
Bart: Hey, it's me... Bart! Your biggest fan!
Krusty: Eh, good for you, cuz I wanna....know that all my fans are... you know :mumbles:
Bart: KtC?
Krusty: Hey this pen's gotta last me all day. Now if you could up-pup-up-up-up! Yeah..

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Krusty: We slept late into the morning, and then...
Sophie's Mom: My god! I'm late for my mission!
Krusty: Here's your mission. Get down with the clown!
Sophie's Mom: No, not now! I'm supposed to asassinate Saddam!
Krusty: Wait, you can't kill Saddam! He's half my act!

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Krusty: When I came to, she was gone. And the war had been over for eight months.
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Krusty: Listen kid, I'm not the kind of dad who you know, does things or says stuff or looks at you. But the love is there!
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Homer: Well, I won't lie.. Fatherhood isn't easy. Like motherhood. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. Except for some mag wheels. Oh man that would be sweet!
poppy10.mp3    68kb 
Homer: Anywho the key to fathering is don't overthing. Because overthinking is um.... what were we talking about? Ooh, a clown! Hehehe!
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Sophie: Do you play?
Krusty: Nah, I guess musical talents skips a generation. Like diabeties! You might want to look out for that too.

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Krusty: I tried the 'got your nose' bit on her. Didn't fool her for a second!
Homer: My uncle still has my nose.

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Homer: :singing: Owimo-weh Owimo-weh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
Fat Tony: Don't do that.

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Scene: The Simpsons are watching a Dawson's Creek episode.
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Homer: Marge.. may I play Devil's Advocate for a moment?
Marge: Sure, go ahead!
:scene changes to Homer playing an arcade game named 'Devil's Advocate':
Homer: Stupid game... now, what were we talking about?

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Homer: This is perfect! If I know Fat Tony, which I don't, he'll be distracted by his hosting duties!
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Fat Tony: I have learned that someone in this room is a squealler. We've narrowed it down to either Johnny Tight-Lips, or Frankie the Squealler.
Frankie: Okay It's me, I can't help it! I just like Squeallin'. It makes me feel big!

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:Homer has a plan that fails:
Fat Tony:
Then it's decided. Our website name will be

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