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BABF18: It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge
SEASON ELEVEN :: 22 Quotes
Skinner: Now be careful with those video cameras, children! In order to buy them the school board had to eliminate Geography. This globe will never spin again.
mad1.mp3    62kb 

Skinner: Now class, I want you to be creative with your video projects. I don't want to see surdy Blair Witch knock-offs!
mad2.mp3    52kb 

Nelson: Stop hitting yourself: take 1. Stop hitting yourself!
Milhouse: Ooow!
Nelson: Stop hitting yourself!
Milhouse: Ow!
Nelson: Stop hitting yourself!
Milhouse: Ooow!
mad3.mp3   45kb
Bart: Tonight, on the discovery channel.. inside Lisa's nose. What will we find? Boogers, or Nazi gold?
Lisa: Bart, quit it!
Bart: No way...
Lisa: Bart sleeps with Raggedy Andy!
Bart: Cut, cut cut!
mad4.mp3    83kb
Bart: Otto, a red traffic light means what?
Otto: No time for brainteasers. Today's the day I ask my girlfriend to take a ride on the matrimony pony!
mad5.mp3    68kb
Milhouse: Otto's got a girlfriend, Otto's got a girlfriend!
Otto: That's right, I do!
Milhouse: I know you do..... baby!
mad6.mp3    54kb
Otto: Becky... you are my rose.... will you let me be your thorn?
Becky: Oh Otto, of course my answer is..
Otto: Oh woah, wait wait wait this solo is kickass!
Becky: Honey could you turn it down?
Otto: Okay but this better be worth it!
Becky: Yes, I will marry you.
Otto: Cool..
mad7.mp3    162kb 
Marge: Let's see.. candles, flowers, placecards, rice...
Lisa: Oh mom, you're not supposed to throw rice anymore! Birds eat it, their stomachs swell, and they explode!
Bart: Why am I just learning this now!?
mad8.mp3    87kb 
Otto's Father: Your mother and I don't approve of this marriage, as we have not approved of any of your life to date..
Otto: Well the important thing is, you came...
Otto's Father: We're leaving...
Otto: Drive safe!
mad9.mp3    74kb 
Bart: So, any words for the bride and groome?
Skinner: Not now, Bart! I'm trying to urinate..
Bart: You don't seem to be trying very hard...
mad10.mp3    47kb 
Homer: *whispering* In about 15 minutes.. I'd take off that wedding dress or you're going to look craaazy.
mad11.mp3    43kb 
Lisa: Moe, can I give you some shrimp for the road?
Moe: Nah, I'll just take the ring pillow, and these uuh.. seven presents I brung. Aaah, you know what, cram some shrimp in, too. Head to tail, that way you can fit more. How 'bout some sauce? Thanks.
mad12.mp3    133kb
Bart: A man innocently changes his oil when.. a two tonne car comes crashing down! Crashing.... down! Oh... who would have thought you could hold up a car with a wicker basket?
mad13.mp3    102kb 
Homer: What are these things in the mashed potatoes?
Becky: That's the skins. I left them on.
Marge: Nobody's perfect, let me just pick thos...
Homer: NO! Oh Becky.. your potatoes are the best I've ever had! Oh, god!
mad14.mp3    84kb 

Marge: Well I guess I'll go roll socks... it's not hip, but it has to be done.
Becky: Actually you could just tie them at the ends. That way the elastic doesn't wear out.
Marge: Yesss I hate when things get worn out, mmhmm, socks... welcomes...
mad15.mp3    100kb 

Chief Wiggum: I dunno Simpson. How do I know you didn't cut your own breaks?
Marge: Why would I do that!?
Chief Wiggum: I dunno.. get some attention from a handsome police officer?
Marge: That's crazy!
mad16.mp3    77kb 

Becky: I found an apartment, and I'm moving out!
Lisa: Oh no!
Homer: Oh, Becky. I think I speak for all of us when I say... when's the ice cream gonna get here?
mad17.mp3    67kb 

Marge: This isn't over, Becky! I know where you live! My house!
mad18.mp3    50kb 

Man: Marge Simpson, you give us no choice but to declare you utterly...
Marge: I'm NOT INSANE!
Man: You didn't let me finish.... INSANE!
mad19.mp3    61kb 

Lisa: Shouldn't we be out there trying to find her?!
Homer: Don't worry, she'll show up here sooner or later. To finish off Becky. Then we'll have mommy back.
mad20.mp3    57kb 

Bart: The kids are saying if you say "Bloody Margie" five times, she'll appear. But then she gouges your eyes out!
Homer: I hear she mates with men, then eats them!
mad21.mp3    55kb 

Marge: Maybe I am insane. I mean, I am talking to myself.
Hans Moleman: You are? Oh I thought i'd made a friend!
mad22.mp3    55kb 

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