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BABF16: Kill The Alligator And Run
SEASON ELEVEN :: 17 Quotes
Bart: Here's the mail, dad! That'll be three dollars for on couch delivery.
Homer: And three makes three.
Bart: This isn't real money, it's printed by the Montana malicia.
Homer: It'll be real soon enough.
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Homer: Ooh! My first issue of self-test monthly. Finally I get to find out what makes me tick.
Bart: I'm betting it's hunger and rage.
Homer: Yes, but at what ratio? Are you a good driver.... Yes. Are you a good lover.... Yes. Oh I'm doing great!
Lisa: Dad, those are just the names of the quizzes, you're supposed to open the magazine.
Homer: My way is easier.
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Ned: It was a little insensitive of you giving me a sex test, seeing as my wife just passed away.
Homer: No way! When?
Ned: Six months ago. You were at the funeral. You fell into the grave!
Homer: Hehe. Oh, yeah. I saw a gopher. What a day!
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Homer: Okay, last question. Who is your favorite Backstreet Boy?
Lenny: Oh! The little rat-faced one.
Carl: No, no, Nick! He's so good to his mother.
Homer: According to this, you're both idiots.
Lenny: Hey, thanks. What do we owe you?
alligator4.mp3    96kb
Homer: So according to this I'll live to be ... Forty-Two? Oh, that's horrible! I won't even live to see my children die!
alligator5.mp3    75kb
Charlie Rose: I remember Vincent Canby said, :turns to camera: "I'm going to kill you, Homer. You are so dead."
Homer: [screams]
Charlie Rose: Now "Chinatown" was a classic, but you had problems with the sequel, "The Two Jakes"?
Robert Evans: Oh, boy. Disappointed? I had the blues like Chasen's had chili. I said to myself, "Evans, you forgot Hollywood Rule #1: :turns to camera: Kill Homer Simpson."
alligator6.mp3    150kb
Marge: This is terrible! The whole point of coming down here was for you to get some rest.
Guy: Show us your boobs!
Marge: Not now!
alligator7.mp3    48kb 
Song: [Badwitaba - Kid Rock] Homer sings along, off cue.
alligator8.mp3    118kb 
Homer: :drunk: Guess how many boobs I saw today, Marge?..... Fifteen!
alligator9.mp3    41kb 
Homer: :singing: We built this city, this kick-ass city, What kind of music built this city?
Lisa: :singing, unenthused: Rock and roll.
Bart: Dad, look out!
Homer: :singer: Look out for what?
Bart: :singer: The giant gator!
alligator10.mp3    143kb 
Homer: Okay, now am I the only one on fire? Good..
alligator11.mp3    55kb 
Velma: You took the signs out of the window? That's pretty presumptuous. How do you know I'm going to hire you?
Bart: Sorry, I just want to be a broom boy so bad.
Velma: I like your attitude. You're hired. :to Lisa: How 'bout
you, missy? You want to be a mop girl?
Lisa: Not really, no.
Velma: I like your honesty. You're hired. :to Marge and Homer: And you two haven't said a word. I like that -- you're
alligator12.mp3    123kb
Marge: Oh, it's so cozy.
Velma: You're insincere. I like that
alligator13.mp3    37kb 
Homer: [tries to knock Velma out with a frying pan]
alligator14.mp3    53kb 

Homer: :singing: Jimmy crack corn and I don't care, Jimmy crack corn and I'm not there, We built this city on rock and r-o-o-o-ll, Something, something, day.
alligator15.mp3    75kb 

Velma: Hey, you're stealling my trailor!.... I like that.
alligator16.mp3    98kb 

Sheriff: Afternoon, folks. Got a new assignment for you. The judge is having a little soirée and he needs some help. [Homer gets whipped]
Boss: No listening. You hear me?
Homer: Uh.... no?
Boss: You just don't learn, do you? [whips Homer]
alligator17.mp3    115kb 

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