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BABF15: Last Tap Dance In Springfield
SEASON ELEVEN :: 27 Quotes
Optometrist: Now read the first line
Homer: I 8 P P... Why you little!
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Optometrist: Maybe you're a candidate for laser eye surgery.
Homer: Will it get me out of having to choose glasses?
Optometrist: Well, yes, but I must warn you it's an experimental procedure and we still don't know the long-term effe..
Homer: Less yappin', more zappin'!
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Marge: Ooh, "Tango de la Muerte"! I've been dying to see that movie!
Lisa: It got rave reviews from both the Entertainment Radio Network and the Radio Entertainment Network. Let's go!
tap3.mp3    64kb
Coach: As your wise but alcoholic dance coach, I know that somewhere your father is looking down on you and smiling. Oh there he is!
tap4.mp3    58kb
Lisa: Oh, he'll never dance with her. She'll have to settle for some Mexican Milhouse.
Dancer: I demand to know your name.
Lisabella: My name is Lisabella.
Lisa: That's my name with "bella" on the end of it! Ask her! Oh, God, please, ask her to dance!
tap5.mp3    82kb
Lisabella: Only one man was crazy enough to dance that dance, and he is dead.
Dancer: My twin brother, Freduardo. But where he died, I shall live ... in his apartment.
tap6.mp3    68kb
Marge: Where is he, anyway?
Kearney: :as Marge: Now, Homie, when we get to the liquor store, buy me some Jack Daniels and a carton of smokes.
Homer: Yes, dear.
tap7.mp3    73kb 
Marge: Hi, Little Vicki!
Vicki: Hahaha, That was such a long time ago. I'm just plain Vicki now.
Marge: Alright, I'd like to sign my daughter up for lessons, Vicki.
Vicki: Little Vicki.
Marge: But, you just said..
tap8.mp3    89kb 
Agnes: Ow! You stepped on my toes again!
Skinner: If you would just let me lead..
Agnes: You're not a leader, Seymour. Never have been; never will be.
tap9.mp3    67kb 
Milhouse: Camp is going to be great! Seven days without parents, homework, or ear medicine!
tap10.mp3    36kb 
Milhouse: The mall?
Bart: Yeah, it's just like my dad always says:
Homer: :in a thought balloon: For an evening or a week, there's no place like the mall. Food, fun and fashion, the mall has it all!
:Bart runs to the mall, leaving Milhouse behind:
Milhouse: What? What did he say?!
tap11.mp3    90kb 
Ralph: Teacher, my shoes are making noise!
Vicki: You must be Ralph.
Ralph: My daddy shoots people!
tap12.mp3    48kb
Vicki: Wait a minute, somebody's off the beat. Let me hear you two
Ralph: :dances perfectly:
Vicki: Okay, now you..
Lisa: :stumbles and falls down, into a plant:
Children: :they all laugh:
Vicki: Children, stop it! For all you know, she has a medical condition.
Lisa: Nope.
Vicki: I see....
tap13.mp3    101kb 
Bart: This is way better than camp! No mosquito's, no stupid camp songs..
Stan: :singing: If you're happy and you know it shop at Stan's. Giant discounts on your favorite major brands.
tap14.mp3    65kb 

Milhouse: Worms!
Bart: Gold! Wait this is just chocolate...... Chocolate!
Milhouse: And these are gummi worms! Gummi!
tap15.mp3    67kb 

Mall Owner: Oh my God! Look at this place! How could this happen? Candy chewed, wigs pulled from stands, cheese packages poked and repoked.
tap16.mp3    61kb 

Lisa: Well, no offense, but maybe I need a little more instruction than just "tappa-tappa-tappa".
Vicki: Why, back when I was your age, I had 43 movies under my belt, and I had to do it without tappa-tappa-tappa. I would've killed for tappa-tappa-tappa.
Lisa: Sorry, I'm just frustrated.
tap17.mp3    98kb 

Vicki: You've just got to turn that frown upside-down! :Lisa Smiles: That's a smile, not an upside-down frown! Work on that, too!
tap18.mp3    44kb 

Homer: Now, honey, what were you trying to say before we kept interrupting with our loving proudness?
Marge: Yes, our tiny tapper, what was it you were going to say after "I wanted to be a dancer, but"?
Lisa: But, I just... need more practice! See ya! :exits kitchen, her shoes tap:
Homer: Oh, what's that awful sound?
Marge: The furnace?
Lisa: It's me!
Homer/Marge: Aww....
tap19.mp3    162kb 

Lisa: Uh. The cat dances better than I do.
tap20.mp3    22kb 

Lou: Sure hope this ACME kit works.
Wiggum: Gosh, that cheese looks good. Think I could grab it before that anvil hits?
Lou: Oh, I don't know, Chief. It's a million to one.
Wiggum: I like those odds! :grabs cheese, anvil lands on back: Oh! My
mistake was grabbing the cheese.
tap21.mp3    107kb 

Vicki: Professor Frink, will that spaceship be ready for the recital?
Frink: I have visited the future, and yes, it will. M'hey!
tap22.mp3    66kb 

Vicki: Okay, everyone, we need big smiles out there, so line up for dimpling. Now this may hurt a lot. What am I saying, "may"?
tap23.mp3    65kb 

Vicki: The star of the show is sick! Whatever will we do? There's only one person who can get us out of this pickle ... Lisa?
Lisa: Yes?
Vicki: Help me into Ralph's costume.
tap24.mp3    66kb

Vicki: Okay, curtain puller, this is your moment to shine. Oh, it's too important, I'll do it for you.
tap25.mp3    55kb 

Vicki: Self-tapping shoes? I'm ever so pissed!
tap26.mp3    30kb 

Frink: Jesus, Mary and glavin! These shoes are in the off position!
Lisa: You mean I danced all by myself?
Marge: See, honey? All you needed was to believe..
Homer: What are you talking about, Professor Frink? They're clearly in the on position. See? "On".
Frink: I was merely trying to spare the girl's feelings, you insensitive clod.
Homer: Oh... OOH! Well, now that I look even closer..
Lisa: Forget it, Dad.
tap27.mp3    148kb 

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