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BABF04: Little Big Mom
SEASON ELEVEN :: 14 Quotes
Lisa: What's in the box, mom?
Marge: This box? Oh, nothing.
Bart: Are you sure? You sound nervous...
Marge: Well anyone would be nervous with all the economic turmoil you read about in the.. :runs out door:
Homer: Get her! She's doing something!
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Marge: You guys never use any of this stuff, look at these! You bought them after the Nagano olympics and never ski'd once! If you would just stop being so impulsive may..
Homer: Hey! Lets go skiing right now!
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Homer: Flanders!? That suit's a little revealing isn't it?
Ned: Well, it allows for maximum mobility. Feels like I'm wearin.. nothing at all!
Homer: Ah! Must wash eyes!
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Homer: Okay don't panic, remember what the instructor said. :remembers:
Instructor: If you ever get into trouble, all you need to do is..
Ned: Feels like I'm wearin.. nothing at all! Nothing at all! Nothing at all!
Homer: Stupid sexy Flanders!
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Instructor: Leave those deer alone!
Lisa: But they were trying to eat me!
Instructor: Huh! Those deer?
:soothing music is played:
Lisa: But they..
Instructor: Come on, i'll drop you off at the lodge.
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Dolph: Woah! Phat five forty!
Nelson: I'm getting agro on this kicker!
Bart: Stomp that pickle revert!
Otto: Excellent. Your lingo is progressing nicely.
Bart: Can I go to the bathroom?
Otto: Uh uh... say it in snowboard!
Bart: Uum.. I gotta blast a dookie?
Otto: Dook on!
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Dr. Hibbert: Good lord, you're wasting thousands of dollars worth of Interferon!
Homer: And you're interferon with our good time!
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Lisa: Okay, now we're gonna draw jobs from the chore hat!
Homer: Come on, bikini inspector! Scrub toilet? Okay, that was a practice! Practice..... practice... Okay, here we go.. feed fish.
Bart: I'll supervise!
Lisa: You know, the reason for the hat..
Homer: Oh, it's a great hat. No one's questioning the hat.
Lisa: Will you at least do the dishes?
Homer: Lisa I'll do the dishes when I pick it out of the chore hat and it's not a practice..... See, there it is! But that was a practice. The system works!
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Computer: Welcome to "Virtual Doctor!". From the makers of Dragon Quest and Sim Sandwich! Enter symptoms now!
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Bart: At Sunday school they said the lepers were cured by some bearded dude..
Homer: Jesus?
Bart: Yeah that sounds right.
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Ned: Maude, come quick! The Simpsons are covered with cooties!
Homer: Help us!
Bart: We're diseased!
Maude: Oh no! That's leprosy! Remember those scary lepers in Ben Hur.
Ned: You saw Ben Hur without me?
Maude: We were broken up then!
Homer: Braaains, braaains! Use your brains to help us! Your delicious brains!
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Ned: Boys, get the alcohol free alcohol!
little12.mp3    14kb
Ned: I guess we'll have an imagination Christmas this year..
Rod/Todd: Yaaay! Imagination Christmas!
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Homer: :singing: Aloha OOOOOI! Aloha OOOOOOW! Until we meet aOOOOOOW!
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