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BABF01: Treehouse Of Horror X
SEASON ELEVEN :: 17 Quotes
Kang And Kodos: [opening of the show]
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Lisa: I still can't believe we escaped from those horrible vampires.
Homer: But it was worth it to get back our super sugar crisp cereal. :singing: Can't get enough of that sugar crisp!
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Homer: Hey Maude, look who's helping me clean the chimney!
Maude: Neddy? Where've you been?
Homer: :as Ned: Hi Maude... diddly. I've been having fun with my pal Homer... diddly!
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Homer: What I'd like to say is.. we're still looking for the real killers. Anyway in conclusion, a man cannot be forced to testify against his wife..
Marge: Stop winking!
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Homer: Yallow?
Mysterious Voice: I know you're alone!
Homer: Uh... who is this?
Mysterious Voice: Is this... Maude Flanders?
Homer: No it's Homer...
Moe: Oh! Hey Homer, it's Moe! I must have dialed the wrong number.
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Milhouse: Check it out Lisa! I'm Radioactive Man!
Lisa: I don't think the real Radioactive Man wears a plastic smock with a picture of himself on it!
Milhouse: He would on Halloween!
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Song: [ Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl theme ]
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Frink: Yes, over here, m-hay, m-haven... in episode BF12, you were battling Barbarians while riding a winged apoluser (?) yet in the very next scene my dear, you're clearly atop a winged arabian! Please do explain it!
Lucy Lawless: Uh, yeah, well whenever you notice something like that.. a wizard did it!
Frink: Yes, alright, yes, in episode AG04..
Lucy Lawless: Wizard!
Frink: Oh for glaven out loud..
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Bart: You know what our homework is? Find a toy and bring it to class!
Marge: Boy, that sounds fun!
Bart: I know, but I'm still not going to do it!
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Lucy Lawless: Come here you... Xena needs Xex!
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Lucy Lawless: Now lets get you kids home!
Lisa: Wait a minute, Xena can't fly.
Lucy Lawless: I told you, I'm not Xena. I'm Lucy Lawless.
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Lisa: Well, look at the wonders of the computer age now!
Homer: Wonders Lisa... or blunders?
Lisa: I think that was implied by what I said.
Homer: Implied Lisa... or implode?
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Homer: Thankyou sweet clown. In death you saved us all!
Krusty: I'm not dead!
Homer: I can still hear his voice on the wind.
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Guy: Name please!
Certainly. I'm.. the piano genius from the.. movie Shine!
Guy: Uh huh, and your name is?
Homer: Uuh, Shiny McShine?
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Guy: You're the ship's proof reader, welcome aboard. Now, before you enter you're going to have to make a very difficult choice. You're only allowed to take one paren..
Lisa: Mom!
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Pauly Shore: Gonna work on my tennage.. buuddy!
Tom Arnold: Pauly Shore, wow! Hey, we should do a show together man. That's a sure cure for the blues!
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Rosie O'Donnell: Come on everybody, sing along! :sings: Clang clang clang with the trolley! This side only.
Crowd/Rosie: Ding ding ding with the bell! Zing zing zing with my heartstrings, from the moment I saw him I fell!
Bart: Don't worry dad. We'll be dead in 5 minutes!
Homer: Not fast enough!
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