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AABF22: Brother's Little Helper
SEASON ELEVEN :: 17 Quotes
Skinner: It's a king size flamer!
Bart: :laugh's hystericaly:
Skinner:Bart will you go bother someone else?
Bart: LOOK! A FIRE!... Engine!
Skinner: Stop that!
Bart: HELP! HELP! FIRE!... Helmet!
Skinner: Can't you do something constructive!?
Bart: Sure, I can do something destructive!
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Ralph: And I want a bike! And a monkey! And a friend for the monkey!
Forest Fire Bear: You're not going to start any fires are you?
Ralph: At my house we call them uh-oh's!
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Skinner: I'm afraid I'll have to expell your son! Unless you're willing to try a radical, untested, potentially dangerous...
Homer: Candy bar!?
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Bart: Dad. I admit I have some problems, but drugs aren't the answer!
Homer: Why you little...!
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Rodd: Does Mr. Simpson have a demon, daddy?
Ned: Looks like it. Run and get daddy's exorcism tongs!
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Bart: All I know is my testicles wont fit in my underwear.
Marge: Bart get those oranges out of there!
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Bart: Memo to self. Lock door.
Lisa: Alright, I'll go, you don't have to be a jerk about it.
Bart: Memo to self. Shut up, Lisa.
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Carl: A guy could do great things with a gadget like that.
Homer: Well if you want one they sell them at..
Carl: Yep... a guy could do great things.
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[ Homer and Marge are at the movies, all your favourite Springfieldians tell them to shut up ]
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Marge: I understand the electrodes but why is he on a treadmil?
Guy: Oh that was his idea. He said he felt fat.
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Homer: We should have payed more attention to these side effects. It's all here. Eratic behavior, paranoia, dihoreah.
Marge: I don't think he has dihoreah.
Homer: How do we know Marge... HOW DO WE KNOW!?
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Wiggum: Shoot the tyres out, Lou!
Lou: Uh.. it's a tank, chief!
helper12.mp3    39kb
Skinner: What a day. First the drinking fountain squirts me and now this.
helper13.mp3    24kb 
Homer: My god is she brave. Standing up to that freaked out junkee.
Lisa: Dad, that junkee is your son!
Homer: Why don't you just tell everybody!
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Marge: No, thank you for stopping the tank!
Bart: It ran out of gas!
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[ Bart is about to blow up the school, Edna doesn't care ]
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Bart: :sings a song about Ritalin:
helper17.mp3    51kb 

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