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AABF19: E-I-E-I-D'oh!
SEASON ELEVEN :: 20 Quotes
Announcer: Buzz Cola! The taste you'll kill for.
Soldier: Available in ze lobby!
Lisa: Do they really think cheapening the memory of our veterans will sell soda?
Homer: I have to go to ze lobby.
eieidoh1.mp3    69kb 

Pimple Faced Kid: I'm sorry, we're not supposed to put butter on the milk duds.
Homer: You're not supposed to go to the bathroom without washing your hands either!
Pimple Faced Kid: Touche
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Bart: It's a history lesson come to life.
Lisa: No it isn't. It's totally inaccura..
Bart: Quiet, here come the ninja's!
eieidoh3.mp3    65kb
Homer: Ooh, you don't want to get Zorro mad!
Marge: You're pouring hot butter on my leg!
eieidoh4.mp3    51kb
Song: :the Zorro theme music:
eieidoh5.mp3    92kb
Homer: Will you duel or are you a coward!?
Snake: Would a coward do this...... BYE! :runs off:
eieidoh6.mp3    65kb
Skinner: Mother please. You're embarassing me.
Agnes: No I'm not. Seymour needs the toilet! His bladder's full. Full of urine!
eieidoh7.mp3    62kb 
Homer: Oh that's it. You insulted my honour! I demand satisfaction. I challenge you to a duel!
Moe: A duel? Isn't that a little extreme? Here, here, have a free beer.
Homer: Really? But you've never given anyone a free beer.
Moe: Yeah, aint never been slapped with no duelling glove either.
eieidoh8.mp3    123kb 
Song: The Glove Slap Song by the B52's
eieidoh9.mp3    164kb 
Colonel: I agree to the duel, sir. I choose pistols at dawn.
Homer: Pistols at dawn? Oh why did I have to slap a guy that says stuff.
eieidoh10.mp3    61kb 
Lisa: The national weather service says dawn is still scheduled for 6:20 tomorrow and to please stop calling.
eieidoh11.mp3    39kb 
Homer: He's out there, isn't he?
Marge: I'm afraid so and his wife's with him.
Homer: :Satisfied Drool:
Marge: Homer!
Homer: Hey, I'm not dead yet :knocks on door are heard: Save me Marge! I saved you!
Marge: Why don't you have the colonel's wife save you?
Homer: Oh Marge, that's in the past, let it go!
eieidoh12.mp3    114kb
Marge: Looks like you were saved by a Christmas tree!
Homer: And someone wanted to get rid of it in April!
eieidoh13.mp3    63kb 
Homer: Well, goodbye my gentle neighbour. You know, I've always wanted to tell you how mu..
Phone Announcer: To continue talking please deposit 10 cents.
Homer: Ah screw it.
eieidoh14.mp3    55kb 

Homer: :starts up the tractor, realizes it's not noisy enough, adjusts loudness, rides tractor, it topples over:
Bart: Dad!
Homer: Go get Lassie!
Bart: Lassie?
Homer:I mean Lisa.
eieidoh15.mp3    128kb 

Marge: More tumbleweed, Lisa?
Lisa: No thanth, I'm thtill finithing my thithles
(no thanks, I'm still finishing my thistles)
eieidoh16.mp3    27kb 

Lisa: Tomacco? That's pretty clever, dad. I mean for a product that's evil and deadly.
Homer: Aw, thanks honey!
eieidoh17.mp3    55kb 

Ralph: Aw Daddy! This tastes like Grandma!
Chief Wiggum: Holy moses, this does taste like Grandma!
Ralph: I want more!
Chief Wiggum: Yeah, me too, just give it to me.
eieidoh18.mp3    114kb 

Ameile: Well lets say a hundred... and fifty... million... dollars.
Homer: ONE HUNDRED AND... May I speak to my family for a moment? :to family: Did you see the way Ameile was looking at Mindy? I think something's going on there.
Marge: Shouldn't we be talking about the hundred and fifty million dollar offer?
Homer: Oh yeah, let's take it.
eieidoh19.mp3    124kb 

Colonel: Ooh, where are my manners :shoots Homer:
Homer: OOOOOwwww! OOOW!
Bart: Are you okay, dad?
Homer: I think so. The bone stopped the bullet.
Lisa: Dad, this might be one of those things you should go to the hospital for.
Homer: After pie!
eieidoh20.mp3    96kb 

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