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AABF06: Viva Ned Flanders
SEASON TEN :: 17 Quotes
Marge: Remember how excited we were when this place opened? Then a week later we just forgot about it!
Lisa: I'm surprised they bothered to move it when they moved the town...
Homer: Oh I can explain that, you see..
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Marge:You'd better stop and get the car washed..
Homer: Ah, what's the rush? It might rain next week.
Lenny: Hey Homer... Car's kinda dirty!
Homer: Really? Think I should get it washed?
Lenny: Yeah, maybe.
Homer: :pulls into car wash:
Marge: You listen to your friends but you never listen to me...
Homer: Hey, that's great!
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Ned:And of course, I resist all the major urges.
Mel: All of them!?
Marge: You mean you've never splurged and say... Eaten an entire birthday cake and then blamed it on the dog?
Edna: You've never licked maple syrup off your lover's stomach?
Bart: You've never snuck out of church to break into cars?
Ned: No, no, and double no!
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Abe: Hey there!
Ned: Look at that. Everyone's living it up except Ned.
Abe: Heeelllp! We're being carjacked!
Woman: Don't get clever old man! Now take us to dress barn.
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Homer: Well, well, so flawless Flanders needs help from stinky pants Simpson.
Ned: Haha, yeah I guess I do.
Homer: Welly-welly-welly. Mr. Clean wants to hang with Dirty Dingus McGee
Ned: How about it Homer, will you teach me the secrets of your intoxicating lust for life?
Homer: Wellity-wellity-wellity..
Ned: Stop that! Will you help me or not?
Homer: Lets do it.
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Ned:So, what happens next?
Homer: One day soon I will come for you. And then the game will begin. Could be in the middle of the night, it could be when you least expect it..... Orrr whatever's good for you, I don't care.
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Homer: If you wanna be like me, you've gotta make snap decisions, like this! :turns car around: We're going to break the bank at The Monty Burns Casino!
Ned: Homer, they blew that up yesterday...
Homer: Oh yeah, right. :turns car around: Then we're going to Las Vegas! Which is actually back in that direction :turns car around:.
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Ned: Ooh, it's going on 8:30. I'd better call Maude and tell her where I am.
Homer: Relax, I called her from the gas station.
Ned: Thanks, buddy.
Homer: ...Sucker!
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Ned: The lights, the noise, the letter X. It's all designed to inflame the senses. I'm overstimulated. I've gotta get out of this town.
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Homer: Fine, I'll do it... Where do you want me?
Lance: On the X!
Homer: Do you mean the one with the red paint?
Lance: Uh yeah, paint... Now, it's of critical importance that you don't...
Homer: Yeah, yeah, I'll figure it out.
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Ned: How do you silence that little voice that says "think"
Homer: You mean Lisa?
Ned: No, I mean common sense!
Homer: Oh that, that can be treated with our good friend alcohol.
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Homer: Okay... okay.. okay.. okay, okay..... okay ............ okay.. okay you're saying that Ned and me married you two.
Amber: Oh yeah, we're hitched alright.
Ginger: Till death do us part..
Ned: Uh huh, I'm working on that.
Homer: Ned, no! Think of your wives!
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Ned: I okely-dokely-schmokely do!
Priest: And do you Homer, take this cocktail waitress you just met to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Homer: What did you call me!?
Priest: Do you want to get married... MAR-RIED!?
Homer: Sure. Sock it to me ba-by!
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Homer: Ladies, we want to do the honorable thing, so breakfast is on us with full waffle bar priveleges. But first, I'm afraid we have some bad news... The waffle bar is closed, I'm sorry I'm so very..
Ned: HOMER! The bad news is, ladies, we already have wives.
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Ginger: And we're not giving you up without a fight!
Homer: But Ginger, honey, I am not the catch I appear to be!
Ned: Ginger is my wife!
Homer: Are you sure? Oh rats... No offense, sweetie.
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Ned: Drederick Tatum!
Tatum: Your behavious is.. is unconcionable
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Homer: Alright, lets get our story straight for Marge and Maude. We were out buying them fabulous gifts.
Ned: What's the occasion?
Homer: Because we love them, jackass. Anywho, we came out of Walmart, when suddenly one hundred spaceships..
Ned: Homer!
Homer: You're right, you're right. Fifty spaceships beamed us aboard. They gang probed you, while I discovered an invention that blew their heads up and saved America.
Ned: Uuh, do I have to be gang probed?
Homer: Would you rather tell Maude the truth?
Ned: :sigh: What do the aliens look like?
Homer: Well, I only saw them from the back, cause they were so busy gang probing you. Oh hello little birdies :birds attack: AAAH AAAH COVER YOUR EYES!
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