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AABF03: Lisa Gets An "A"
SEASON TEN :: 22 Quotes
Reverend Lovejoy: And, may we burn the inpainful and fowl smelling fire... aaaaaaammmmm.... en the night minister will be giving a guest sermon next Sunday, go in peace. Aaaaaammmmm <cough, cough>
Homer: Don't make me come up there!
Reverend Lovejoy:
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Homer: Hang in there son, I'm taking us out for a traditional Sunday brunch (cuts off car)
Driver: Idiot!
Homer: He means you, Marge!
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Lisa: Oven roasted cud!
Pimple Faced Kid: It's wrapped in it's own drool!
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Mom: Gavin honey, help mommy pick a cereal! How bout Alfalfa beds.
Gavin: Those suck! I hate this store.
Mom: But sweetheart mommy...
Gavin: I hate you, too! I wanna live with one of my dads.
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Homer: [Homer tries to keep both the fish and Pinchy alive by adding more salt and water to the fish bowl]
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Marge: I'm going to tell the school you're staying home...
Lisa: I'm afraid I can't allow that!
Marge: Lisa!
Lisa: Mom, no wait, we can make a deal!
Marge: You don't have anything I want!
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Video Game: [Lisa plays the Australian 'Dash Dingo' game]
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Ralph: Hi Lisa, I brought your Homework! We have to read this!
Lisa: The Wind In The Willows...?
Ralph: It's about a toad and badger and a mole... I drawed on mine... is this my house?
Lisa: No, you live in a different house.......
Ralph: Choo choo choo choo woo woo!
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Guy On Video Game: Then I shall rule the Down-Underverse.
Lisa: We'll see about that, mate!
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Lisa: Mr Toad has a red blank... okay, skip that one. Mr blank needs a blank in order to blank his blank.... oooh, I'm in deep blank.
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-dream sequence-
And the lowest grade in the class ...
She's going to say my name!
Lisa Simpson, zero!
Lisa, the president of Harvard would like to see you.
Nasty business, that zero. Naturally, Harvard's doors are now closed to you, but I'll pass your file along to ... Brown.
Mmmm, Brown. Heckuva school. Weren't you at Brown, Otto?
Yup. Almost got tenure, too.
[gasps in horror] No, not Brown, Brown..
-end dream-
...Brown, Brown..
Miss Hoover: Lisa, you're saying Brown an awful lot, are you okay?
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Lisa: Actually, I do feel a little feverish...
Miss Hoover: Aww, don't worry about the test, just get yourself a nice drink of water..... THEN come back and finish the test!
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Lisa: I'll get a zero for sure, Bart, what am I gonna do?
Bart: Well, if it was me, I'd just take the zero... uh, but that's not for everyone.
getana13.mp3    52kb 
Lisa: Hey! I can't go in there!
Bart: Relax, there's nothing in here you didn't see when dad boycotted pants.
getana14.mp3    40kb 
Willy: Good for you, lass. I got a zero once, and my life turned out just fine :cleans out toilet with hand:. Oooh.. that's a nasty clog... ooh, you've got yourself a partner have ya?
getana15.mp3    101kb
Miss Hoover: I graded this mornings test over lunch. And most of you did quite well.
Ralph: I got a B!
Miss Hoover: No Ralph, that's an F. I must have spilled some kahlua. Perfect Lisa, and you got all the extra credit questions. Even the one that got cut off by the copy machine.
Lisa: Heehmmm, I guess I was just on a roll.
Miss Hoover: Don't be so modest Lisa, you earned that A plus plus plus.
Lisa: Actually, there are four plusses.
Miss Hoover: No, that's dramboie.
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Homer: And now for the main course... Steamed Maine Cabbages!
Bart: Pardon me for asking, but where the hell's my stupid lobster?
Homer: We're not eating Mr. Pinchy, he's part of the family now. Pinchy, I made you some Risotto.
Bart/Lisa/Marge: Oh Dad/Homer!
Homer: What's your problem, veggie, you don't even eat lobster.
Lisa: No, but I enjoy the smell.
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Skinner: Your dovotion to scholarship is a shining becan to all who's...
Lisa: Stop it! I cheated. Cheated cheated cheated cheated cheated!
Skinner: Lisa, what are you trying to say?
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Skinner: Check out the new scoreboard. [babbadabumdabum, chaaarge!]. I'm still learning all the buttons.
Lisa: Well if you're going to cover this up I'll just have to go over your head to Super [half time buzz] Intendant [fowl] Chalmers! [nuclear explosion]
Chalmers: Skinnnneeeer! I am outraged that you kept this from me. You were supposed to call as soon as the new scoreboard was in!
getana19.mp3    166kb 
Chalmers: A little travelling music Seymour [bumbumbumbumbum bumbumbum...]
getana20.mp3    34kb 
Skinner: We can buy real Periodic Tables instead of these promotional ones from Oscar Meyer.
Edna: Now who can tell me the atomic weight of balonium?
Martin: Ooh, delicious!
Edna: Correct, I would also accept Snacktacular.
Skinner: And for the first time ever, our computer lab actually has a computer in it.
Ralph: Hi Lisa! Hi Super Nintendo Chalmers........ <meow> I'm learnding!
getana21.mp3    188kb
Homer: Ooh, look, here's a little playmate for you!....... Hey, you don't have to take that from no punk-ass crab!
getana22.mp3    55kb

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