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AABF02: D'oh-in' In The Wind
SEASON TEN :: 12 Quotes
Homer: Well that settles it! For all those reasons and more, let us choose an electrifying career in ... line?
Burns: :whispering: Nuclear power!
Homer: :whispering: Nuclear power!
Burns: Oh, you dunderheaded stooges are the worst bunch of ...
wind1.mp3    102kb

Homer: Well there were script problems from day one.
Bart: Didn't seem like anyone read the script...
Homer: That was the problem.
wind2.mp3    40kb 

Abe: I know where we might find your missing monica... It's a bit of a drive, but on the way we can have a nice father son chat.
Homer: Great, I'll go shoot myself for bringing this up.
wind3.mp3    91kb
Abe: Put some damn pants on and pull'em down. Cuz it's time for a spankin'.
wind4.mp3    28kb
Homer: I'll finally know what J. stands for. From this day forward, I will be known as... Homer... Jay Simpson!
wind5.mp3    62kb
Homer: If I'm gonna be a real hippy, I have to learn from the master. Mr. Bob Flower-Child Hope.
Bob: Hey peace man far out groovy I'm a hippy.
wind6.mp3    98kb
Homer: C'mon Maude, the human wang is a beautiful thing.
Marge: Oh Homer, for god sakes put your poncho on!
Homer: Oh okay.....(soft) nark.
wind7.mp3    57kb 
Homer: Oh! We're never going to freak anybody out with this music. I brought something from my personal stash that'll blow some minds [song: up town girl.. she's been livin in her up town world]
Hippy: Could you turn that down just a little!
wind8.mp3    122kb 
Young Homer: How could you let me turn into you!?
Homer: Bu-bu-b-b-b-b-but the poncho...
Young Homer: B-b-b-b-b-but-the poncho... hit the road, square!
wind9.mp3    67kb 
Abe/Jasper: [laughing like Beavis and Butthead from drinking the juice]
Abe: We are so old!
wind10.mp3    107kb
Chief Wiggum: Alright boys, set your night sticks on whomp.
Eddie: Uh.. mine's stuck on twirl..
Chief Wiggum: Oh for the love of..... there!
wind11.mp3    65kb 
Marge: Doctor, will he be alright?
Dr Hibbert: Yes, he was lucky, if that were a gladiola he'd be dead right now.
Bart: Why don't you just pull it out?
Dr Hibbert: Ahehehehe... I'm a doctor, not a gardner.
Homer: Can't you just prune the leaves a little so I can watch TV?
Dr Hibbert: What did I just say...?
wind12.mp3    100kb 

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