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AABF01: Treehouse Of Horror IX
SEASON TEN :: 20 Quotes
Snake: Duuuuuuude (dies)
Wiggum: Alright, now lets get this carcas over to the hospital and carve it up for organs!
thohi1.mp3    67kb

Dr. Nick: This is genuine human hair!
Homer: This is legal, right?
Dr. Nick: Sure... whatever.
thohi2.mp3    47kb 

Dr Nick: These drugs will make the operation seem like a beautiful dream..... aaahhhh.... Hiiiiii Everybodyyy.
thohi3.mp3    81kb
Marge: If your fly weren't open you'ld look just like Roger Moore!
thohi4.mp3    23kb
Kent Brockman: And the fluffy kitten played with that ball of string all through the night. On a lighter note, A Kwik-E-Mart clerk was brutally murdered last night.
thohi5.mp3    57kb
Lisa: Of course! The transplant. Somehow Snakes hair must be controlling..
Marge: Oh please, Lisa, everyone's already figured that out.
thohi6.mp3    43kb
Bart: You've got to fight the hair, dad!
Homer: But I look so useful and hunky!
thohi7.mp3    34kb 
Chief Wiggum: Homer Simpson, you're under arrest for the murders of Moe Szylak, and Apu Nahasa-pasa-... uh, just Moe.
thohi8.mp3    53kb 
Chief Wiggum: Now that's what I call a bad hair day! (Everybody laughs)
Marge: May I remind you that two people are dead.... oh wait, I just got it. <giggle>
thohi9.mp3    84kb 
Krusty: Hey hey! Tonight I'm going to suck.......... your blood!
thohi10.mp3    44kb
Homer: (singing) Mama took those batteries. She took em away. Mama took those batteries, Size double A.
thohi11.mp3    83kb 
Scratchy: (to snowball) You're beauteeeful
Marge: Aww, somebody's in love. That means you have to be nuded!
Scratchy: Noooooooooo!
thohi12.mp3    75kb 
Bart: What's wrong with Stinky?
Marge: She's teething. Look, her very first baby tooth!
Homer: Aww, Eeugh, just lost my appetite.
Lisa: Me too
Homer: Wait, mine came back! (eats lisa's and his food)
thohi13.mp3    103kb 
Homer: Is there anything you can perscribe doctor?
Dr. Hibbert: Fire! And lots of it!
Marge: Hmm, that's your cure for everything!
thohi14.mp3    45kb
Kang: Holy Flurking Schnit!
thohi15.mp3    18kb
Homer: (gasp) You intergalactic hussy (starts crying... stops suddenly).. was he better than me?
thohi16.mp3    59kb 
Marge: It all happened about two years ago. There I was having a great time in the backyard when without warning, I was abducted by aliens.
Voice: Warning, Warning, prepare to be abducted!
thohi17.mp3    93kb 
Kodos: You have been selected for our cross-breeding program. To put you at ease, we have recreated the most common spawning locations for your species. You may choose either: The back seat of a Camero, an Aeroplane Bathroom, a friends wedding, or the alley behind a porno theater.
thohi18.mp3    132kb 
Homer/Kang: [on the Jerry Springer show... lots of swearing going on, can't type out it all because it's too crammed]
thohi19.mp3    74kb 
Jerry Springer: What the **** get this ******* baby off **** son of a *****. [everyone except marge gets in a fight]
Marge: I'm so ******* embarassed.
thohi20.mp3    98kb 

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