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5F22: Bart The Mother
SEASON TEN :: 17 Quotes
Marge: Hey, listen to this! Congratulations, your child or children have been selected to appear in 'Who's Who', among American Elementary School students.
Homer: (surprised gasp) <buuuurp>
Marge: Please submit their names along with 95 dollars for each handsome volume you wish to order.
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Homer: Hehehehe... Look at me Marge, I'm driving!
Bart: We're all proud of you dad.
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Lisa: Move it, Pokey!
Marge: Slow and steady wins the race (Marge is overtaken by everybody else on the track). Easy, easy, stick with the plan.
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Nelson: Are you alright man!
Milhouse: Uuuh... I think so..
Nelson: How bout now? (smashes into Milhouse).
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Homer: Stand back and watch the pro
Lisa: Uuh, shouldnt you put on a batting helmet?
Homer: Nah, it'll mess up my hair.
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Bart: Okay what can I get for twelve, count em, twelve prize tickets?
Pimple Faced Kid: Two thumb tacks and a Moustache Comb. Or five rubber bands and an icecube.
Nelson: What can I get for eight thousand tickets?
Pimple Faced Kid: A B.B Gun or an Easy Bake Oven.
Nelson: Hmm.. hot food is tempting, but I just can't say no to a weapon.
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Lisa: So what prize did you end up getting?
Bart: Moustache comb, what did you get?
Lisa: Fake moustache.... wanna comb it?
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Nelson: Think I can hit that bottle?
Bart: Yeah, probably.
Nelson: (hits it) Shows what you know.
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Nelson: You're an octo-wussy. Oooh, look at me, I'm Bart Simpson, I'm scared to use a gun, I wanna marry Milhouse, I walk around like this.. lalalalalalalala.
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Homer: Ooooh I hate folding sheets.
Marge: That's your underwear.
Homer: Well whatever it is, it's a two man job, where's Bart?
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Milhouse: WHAAAAAAT?!
Marge: Nelson? I explicitly forbid Bart from playing with that little monster. Well Bart is in deep deep trouble! Oh yes, and punish Lisa for lying to us.
Homer: Alright young lady, I want you to march yourself directly to the Kwik-E-Mart and get me some Chips and a Beer..... Get a little something for yourself sweetheart.
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Bart: Ow! What are you doing?
Nelson: Uh, I got bored so I started slapping you.
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Troy: Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You might remember me from such nature films as 'Earwigs.. Eeew', and 'Man VS Nature: The Road to Victory'.
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Bart: Check it out guys, I've been working on this regurgitation thing. Cough Cough...Ooooh yeah, hope you like Pop Tarts. I think I'll call you Chirpy Boy. And you... Bart Junior.
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Homer: You tell me what he's doing.
Marge: I don't know and I don't wanna know. And I'm going to find out.
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Lisa: One.. they don't have feet. Two... they don't have feathers, and Three.. they're LIZARDS!
Bart: You're a Lizard!
Homer: Enough bickering, I know how to settle this.
Marge: No kickboxing!
Homer: Oh...
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Skinner: Oookay, that's exactly one moment.. e... oh my god, he's getting away!
Smithers: Stop him!
Moe: Outta the way, Midge.
Marge: Oh, am I in the way?
Burns: Yes, yes, you're in the way! Are you daft, woman!
Marge: Sorry, I didn't realize I was in the way.
Skinner: You're still in the way... you don't seem to be moving at all!
Edna: Oh for crying out loud just knock her ass down!
Moe: Way to shove, Edna.
Apu: Let us roll.
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