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5F19: When You Dish Upon A Star
SEASON TEN :: 17 Quotes
Homer/Bart/Ned: [Homer's dream sequence where he is Yogi Bear and Bart is Boo Boo]
dish1.mp3    217kb

Homer: Oh! 4am, now I'll never get back to... (falls asleep, starts making voices in his sleep)
dish2.mp3    85kb 

Homer: Hi Apu!
Apu: Oh dear you've ruined my work you flying fat man!
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Alec Baldwin: Nobody knows we're in Springfield... and we wanna keep it that way.
Kim Basinger: Will you promise to keep our secret?
Homer: Absolutely if you promise to keep mine!
Alec: Okay.... what is it?
Homer: I can't read.
Kim: But you just read that card from the grocery agency
Homer: I recognized the logo!
dish4.mp3    93kb
Homer: Ronny, are you also my close friend?
Ron Howard: Do I smell Vodka and Wheat Grass?
Homer: It's called a lawnmower I invented it, want one?
Ron: Yeah, okay.
dish5.mp3    67kb
Homer: Oh! There's that movie script I wrote... where did you find it?
Alec: On my pillow
Homer: The important thing is.. it's got the perfect part for you.. either one of you. It's about a killer robot driving instructor, who travels back in time for some reason. Ron Howard's attatched to direct!
Ron: I am not!
Homer: Well. He expressed an interest.
Ron: No I didn't!
Homer: Did too!
Ron: I did not!
Homer: You lie!
Alec: Yeah, Homer, most movie scripts are 120 pages. This has only seventeen. And several pages just have drawings of the time machine.
dish6.mp3    221kb
Guy: Tell the people Homer, they have a right to know about the celebrities in the house.
Homer: ..the hell are you?
Guy: What do you care? I'm telling you what you want to hear.
dish7.mp3    60kb 
Captain: Yarrr. I loved splash Mr. Howard. It was totally..... yarrr!
Smithers: Miss Basinger, those red pumps you wore in LA Confidential were fabulous... where can I get a pair for my um.. mother.
dish8.mp3    81kb 
Lisa: I washed the dog today.
Homer: Was it the dog from the Beethoven movies?
Lisa: Of course not!
Homer: Aww... our dog isn't famous, and you kids aren't exactly John and Joan Cusack.
dish9.mp3    64kb 
Kirk: Hey, is it too late to see the movie stars?
Moe: Nah, no, just ah.. hop that fence.. sneak up, and peek in the window there.
Kirk: Alright! [gets a shock by the fence]
Moe: Hahaha! I never get tired of that.
dish10.mp3    91kb
Homer: Only five, wait, ten dollars. You heard right! Twenty dollars!
dish11.mp3    28kb 
Homer: When was the last time Barbera Streisand cleaned out your garage? And when it's time to do the dishes... where's Ray Bolger? I'll tell ya! RAY BOLGER... IS LOOKIN' OUT FOR RAY BOLGER!
dish12.mp3    89kb 
Alec: Aw maybe I shoulda made his movie..
Kim: Yeah it wasn't that bad. I mean the script might have worked if you got rid of the talking pie.
dish13.mp3    55kb 
Kim: I'm really looking forward to seeing Homer again. He has the most interesting odors.
dish14.mp3    36kb
Ron: I guess it's up to me [jumps out of car, lands on road]
dish15.mp3    54kb
Homer: Well I'll always have my prank calls. Hello, old lady from Titanic... you stink!
dish16.mp3    58kb 
Ron: [tells his manager about Homer's movie]
dish17.mp3    171kb 

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