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7G13: The Crepes Of Wrath
SEASON ONE :: 9 Quotes
Homer falls down the stairs, and the Krusty doll keeps saying "I like to play with you" until the battery runs out
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Agnes: You certainly have done awfully well for yourself Spanky
Skinner: Mother please don't call me Spanky on school ground.
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Marge But Bart doesn't speak French
Skinner: Oh well when fully emerged into a foreign language, the average child can pick it up in weeks!
Homer: Yeah, but what about Bart?
Skinner: I'm sure he'll pick up enough to get by.
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Homer: He makes me crazy 12 months a year! At least you get the summer off!
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Bart: Hey guys, quit being so grabby!
Ugolin & Ceaser: Grrrrrr!
Bart: Sorry guys, be my guest.
crepes5.mp3    36kb
Bart: Do you have something to go with my turnip?
Ceaser: Quiet! When you work like a man we will feed you like one!
crepes6.mp3    36kb
Ugolin: Now, watch me, you grab the grape between your thumb and forefinger. And gently twist it off, then drop it in the bucket. Now you do it! Very good, now do it a million times!
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Homer: Hey Lenny, does this plant have one of those Plutonium Isolation deals?
Lenny: Yeah, over in Sector 12
Homer: Sector... 12?
Lenny: Third floor, by the candy machine!
Homer: Oh, that Sector 12!
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Marge: I'd love a glass of that wine Bart brought us!
Homer: Sorry Marge, some wise guy stuck a cork in the bottle!
crepes9.mp3    44kb

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