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7G11: Life On The Fast Lane
SEASON ONE :: 9 Quotes
Bart: First dibs, I get to lick the beaters.... woah, ah ah ah.. liza, by tung iz tuck in de beeterz. by tung!
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Homer: You really thought I forgot didn't you!
Bart: Oh right. What did you get her, dad.
Lisa: Yeah, what did you get.
Homer: Oh a very... thoughtful gift... but it's a surprise. You know it's a very beautiful morning. I think I might take a stroll around the block! [runs downstairs, races off in car]
Lisa: I think he forgot, mom.
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Bowling Man: What size shoes do you wear.
Marge: Never you mind!
Bowling Man: You can't wear street shoes on the lanes, you gotta wear bowling shoes, what size please?
Marge: Hm... 13AA.
Bowling Man: 13AA! This is the closest I've got, a 9 and a 15.
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Homer: Your mother always gets to be with you and now it's my turn.......................... does the time always drag like this?
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Jaques: Quite smooth, isn't it.
Marge: Hmm, very smooth.
Jaques: Smooth?
Marge: Yes, very.
Jaques: Yes?
Marge: Yes.
Jaques: Yes?
Marge: Smooth.
Jaques: Smooth?
Marge: Yes.
Jaques: Yes.
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Lisa: Right now, I'm in Stage 3, fear. You're in Stage 2, denial.
Bart: No I'm not.
Lisa: Yes you are!
Bart: No I'm not.
Lisa: Yes you are!
Lisa: I stand corrected.
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Helen Lovejoy: [meets Jaques and Marge having brunch together]
bowling7.mp3    138kb
Bart: [plays baseball with Homer, whacks him on the head with a ball, Homer faints]
bowling8.mp3    97kb
Bart: You told me, when something's bothering you, and you're too damn stupid to know what to do, just keep your damn mouth shut. That way you wont make things worse.
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