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7G09: Call Of The Simpsons
SEASON ONE :: 10 Quotes
Scene: The caryard owner puts Homer's credit card through the machine and it sets off a huge alarm. Homer thinks there's a possibility that it's a 'good siren'.
call1.mp3    131kb

Homer: Hey Flllllanders! Look what I've got!
Ned: Woah! She's a beaut. Hey congratulations Simpson, I'm sure you'll have loads of fun! Homer: Hehe... jealous.
call2.mp3    97kb

Marge: What are you doing back there?
Lisa: We're playing 'what's that odour?'
Bart: Dad's feet?
Homer: Bart!
Lisa: You win, Bart!
Homer: Lisa!
Bart: Are we there yet, dad?
Homer: I'll tell you when we're there. Get back to your smell game.
call3.mp3    99kb
Homer: Nobody move, nobody panic, when I give the word.. everyone ever so slowly open the door and slide out. On the count of three.... one
:the whole family jumps out leaving Homer inside:
call4.mp3    140kb
Homer: Now you all stay here for a minute while I go over this way and try to get my bearings.......
What am I gonna do? I've murdered us all!
Echo: murdered us all, murdered us all...
Shut up!
Echo: shut up, shut up...
Echo: d'oh, d'oh!...
call5.mp3    148kb
Homer: If you leave them alone, they'll leave you alone. And remember not to act afraid. Animals can smell fear, and they don't like it. Besides.. there's nothing to be afraid of!
Maggie: -suck suck-
Homer: Ah! A rattler!
Bart: I'm not afraid! I'm not afraid!
Homer: Run you fool!
call6.mp3    140kb
Homer: You're alive! And uuh... buck naked!
Bart: I'm not the only one, home boy!
Homer: What? Oooh.. hehe. Jungle man!
call7.mp3    94kb
Homer: This time, I'll just go in the bushes over there, make a lot of noise, and flush out a rabbit. When he comes out.. you step on him!
Bart: Right dad!
:Homer walks into bushes and is attacked by animals:
call8.mp3    128kb
Scene: Married lady talks about her fear of Bears, husband jokes about it.
call9.mp3    104kb
Kent Brockman: Now the naturalist who took these absolutely extraordinary pictures was most impressed by the creatures uncivilised look, foul language, and most of all it's.... indescribable stench!
call10.mp3   72kb

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