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7G07: The Telltale Head
SEASON ONE :: 10 Quotes
Bart: [tells the mob to listen to his story]
telltale1.mp3    129kb

Marge: [busts bart with a walkman that he was going to listen to during sunday school]
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Bart: Um, Ma'm. What if you're a really good person but you're in a really really bad fight and your leg gets gangrene and it has to be amputated. Will it be waiting for you in heaven?
Teacher: For the last time Bart, yes!
telltale3.mp3    78kb
Teacher: The ventriliquist goes to heaven but the dummy doesn't.
Bart: What about a robot with a human brain?
Teacher: I don't know! All these questions! Is a little blind faith too much to ask!?
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Jimbo: Hey hot dog. Nice dismount man.
Bart: It didn't hurt.
Kearney: Oh yeah, well, do it again!
Bart: Nah, might land on my face and end up looking like you.
telltale5.mp3    106kb
Dolph: You know Bart, I've been kicked out of all four space mutant movies.
telltale6.mp3    44kb 
Bart: Jebadiah once killed a Bear with his bare hands.
Jimbo: Oh, sorry!
Dolph: We forgot how much you love Jebadiah Springfield.
Kearney: Yeah, he's your boyfriend
telltale7.mp3    84kb
Wiggum: Err... well we have no witnesses, no suspects, and no leads. If anyone has any explanations, dial '0' and ask for the police. That number again.... '0'
telltale8.mp3    104kb
Abe: I hope they find the punk who did this. And I hope they cut his head off!
telltale9.mp3    48kb
Krusty: If you know who cut of Jebadiah's head. I don't care if it's your brother, your sister, your daddy or your mommy.... turn em in! And Krusty will send you a free slide whistle just like Sideshow Bob!
telltale10.mp3    90kb

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