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7G05: Bart The General
SEASON ONE :: 11 Quotes
Lisa: Keep your greasy mits outta there!
Marge: These are for Lisa's class!
Lisa: It's Mrs. Hoover's birthday.
Bart: You know... there are names for people like you... teacher's pet, apple polisher, butt kisser!
Homer: Bart! You're saying 'butt kisser' like it's a bad thing!
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Kid: Nelson! You're bleeding!
Nelson: Naah, happens all the time. Somebody else's blood splatters on me. Hey.. wait a minute. You're right! You made me bleed my own blood!
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Otto: Goodbye little dude. You look so lifelike, man.
Skinner: Yes, the school nurse did a wonderful job reconstructing his little face after the fight. Goodbye son, I guess you were right. All that homework was a waste of your time.
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Milhouse: Thanks, Bart! We got the day off from school for this.
Homer: Yeah and I got a day off from work!
Marge: HOMER!
Homer: But what's a day off from work when I'm never going to see my beloved son again! Oh Bart! :cries:
Marge: That's better, Homer!
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Nelson: I'm gonna get you, again, tomorrow, Simpson!
Kid: Is 3:15 good for you?
Bart: Uum.. not really....
Kid: Too bad!
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Bart: Dad, I need help! Please... :moans:
Homer: Aw, come on, Bart. We don't want your mother to see you crying. Here, let me help you dry those tears...
:turns on hair dryer:
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Homer: Show me your stuff
Bart: :grunts a little:
Homer: No! Not like that. Like this!
:jumps on punching bag and rips it to shreds:
See that boy? You didn't expect that, did you?
general7.mp3    128kb
Lisa: Why don't you go see Grampa?
Bart: What can he do?
Lisa: He'll give you good advice! He's the toughest Simpson alive!
Bart: He is?
Lisa: Yeah, remember the fight he put up when we put him in the home!?
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Bart: I'm here to see Grampa!
Lady: Half the people here are named Grampa!
Bart: Well... Grampa Simpson, ma'am.
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Herman: What's the password?
Abe: Let me in you idiot!
Herman: Right you are!
general10.mp3   38kb

Herman: You got the water balloons?
Bart: Two hundred rounds, sir. Is it okay if they say 'Happy Birthday' on the side?
Herman: I'd rather they say 'death from above' but I guess we're stuck!
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