4F22: The City Of New York Vs. Homer Simpson

Airdate: 21 September 1997

Writer: Ian Maxtone-Graham
Director: Jim Reardon
Executive Producer: Bill Oakley, Josh Weinstein

Barney is made designated driver and as a result, takes off with Homer's car and disappears. Two months later, Barney returns without the vehicle. Homer receives a letter from New York, telling him his car is illegally parked. The family are excited about going to New York but Homer isn't so sure, after a few bad experiences in the past. The family arrive and go their separate ways, agreeing to meet in Central Park before sundown. Homer finds his car parked between the World Trade Center twin towers. However, the parking officer arrives while he is making a toilet stop. Homer, keen to get out of New York City drives off with the boot still on his car. He reunites with the family in Central Park and speeds away back to Springfield.

4F23: The Principal And The Pauper

Airdate: 28 September 1997

Writer: Ken Keeler
Director: Steve Moore
Executive Producer: Bill Oakley, Josh Weinstein

At a celebration for Seymour Skinner's 20th year as principal, a stranger enters, claiming he is the real Sergeant Seymour Skinner. Skinner admits he is an imposter named Armin Tamzarian, an orphan from Capital City that spent his days as a street punk, which resulted in him getting sent to the Army and to Vietnam, where Sgt. Skinner took him under his wing. When Sgt. was presumed dead, Tamzarian returned to Springfield to inform his mother, who recognized him as Skinner, so he assumed the identity of the man and took his lifelong dream of becoming principal. Tamzarian resigns and returns to life as a street punk. Springfield doesn't accept the new Skinner, even his mother and especially Edna cannot stand the man. They travel to Capital City to bring back Tamzarian. When they return to Springfield, Sgt. Skinner is sent out of town on a rail and Tamzarian is officially declared the one true Seymour Skinner.

3G02: Lisa's Sax

Airdate: 19 October 1997

Writer: Al Jean
Director: Dominic Polcino
Executive Producer: Al Jean and Mike Reiss

Lisa's sax is thrown out the window and crushed as a result of a fight with Bart. She is consoled by Homer's retelling of the story of how she got her saxophone. The story begins with Bart having difficulty fitting in to school and becoming depressed. Homer and Marge meet with the school psychologist to discuss the issue. He notices Lisa and encourages her to be enrolled in a school for the gifted, but does little to help Bart. The family can't afford to send her to a private school so they look for other options. Meanwhile, Bart discovers he is good at making people at school laugh, and becomes the class clown. Homer puts money for an air-conditioner towards buying a Saxophone for Lisa to express her gifts. Upon finishing the story, Marge suggests Homer purchase a new sax for Lisa, despite being ready for an air-conditioner again. He does.

5F02: Treehouse Of Horror VIII

Airdate: 26 October 1997

Writer: Mike Scully, David S. Cohen, Ned Goldreyer
Director: Mark Kirkland
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

The Homega Man: France threatens to retaliate against Springfield after an offensive comment. While out purchasing a bomb shelter, the bomb hits, and Homer emerges from to find he is the only living being left.
Fly Vs. Fly: Homer buys a matter transporter which Bart uses to combine his DNA with a fly. This results in his head on a tiny fly body, and not the Fly-Man he imagined.
Easy Bake Coven: In a tale of how Halloween began, Springfield is transformed into a 1600's town suspecting people of witchcraft. One of the Simpson women is suspected of being a witch, but who is it?

5F01: The Cartridge Family

Airdate: 2 November 1997

Writer: John Swartzwelder
Director: Pete Michels
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

After a Soccer riot erupts, the Simpsons decide to secure their home. Without money for electronic security, Homer purchases a gun. Marge is not impressed and demands he gets rid of it. She and Homer attend an NRA meeting to show her that the household needs a gun for security. She still tells him to get rid of it, and he agrees. She discovers he lied to her and takes the kids to a Sleep Easy Motel. Homer hosts an NRA meeting at his house but the members kick him out when they see him using the gun recklessly. He goes to the motel to tell Marge he's gotten rid of the gun. As the family check out, Snake enters the lobby with a knife and demanding money. Homer pulls his gun on Snake causing him to flee. He again apologizes for lying but drops it in the bin in front of her. She decides to pick it up and keep it for herself.

5F03: Bart Star

Airdate: 9 November 1997

Writer: David M. Stern
Director: Mark Kirkland
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

Bart joins the Springfield Wildcats' peewee football team which Ned Flanders coaches and Nelson is quarterback. Despite their winning streak, Homer disapproves of Ned's coaching style, so he quits and Homer takes over. He pressures Bart to work harder and treats him badly. Marge reminds Homer of how his father pushed him when he was young, so Homer overcompensates by making Bart quarterback. Bart causes the team's first loss, and fakes an injury in the next, causing Homer to forfeit rather than get another quarterback. Bart tells him he was faking and quits. Homer apologizes and gets him back as an offensive tackle. At the championship game, Nelson is called upon for arrest. Bart pretends he is Nelson so that they can win, and they do.

5F04: The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons

Airdate: 16 November 1997

Writer: Richard Appel
Director: Steven Dean Moore
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

Apu becomes one of the most sought-after bachelors in Springfield. That is, until Apu's mother sends him a message regarding an arranged marriage. When Homer tells Apu to tell his mother he's already married, she comes to town to meet the wife. They tell his mother that Marge is his wife and Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are his children. When Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilon walks in on Homer and Marge in bed together with Apu sleeping on the floor, she realize she has been lied to. His mother's wedding plans continue. Apu sinks into depression as the wedding day arrives. Upon meeting Manjula, he sees she's a beautiful witty woman. Homer tries to stop the wedding but Apu and Manjula decide to get married after all.

5F05: Lisa The Skeptic

Airdate: 23 November 1997

Writer: David S. Cohen
Director: Neil Affleck
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

Lisa tries to stop the construction of a new mall on a site where several fossils have been found. She complains to the developers and they allow her to hold an archeological dig. They find what appears to be the skeleton of an angel which Homer loads onto his car and takes to his garage so he can cash in on the town's interest. Lisa insists the fossil isn't an angel and takes a sample from the skeleton to a scientist for testing. The test is inconclusive, but Lisa is still skeptical. The angel is stolen from the garage after a riot against the scientific community. It is found on a hillside with a notice, "The End Will Come At Sundown" carved into it. The town gathers around the angel at sundown, where the angel floats towards the new mall. It was a publicity stunt all along, to get people at the mall's opening.

5F06: Realty Bites

Airdate: 7 December 1997

Writer: Dan Greaney
Director: Swinton Scott
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

While out on a dangerous car ride in Homer's new sports car purchased from a Police Auction, Marge tells him to stop and she walks home. On the way she runs into Lionel Hutz who is now a real estate agent. Marge becomes interested in his field of work and studies for a Real Estate law test, which she passes. She then becomes an employee of Red Blazer Realty, however, she is unsuccessful at selling homes doue to her honest nature. Hutz tells her she'll be fired if she doesn't sell a home in her first week. Marge shows the Flanders' an old murder-victim house. They offer to buy it and she accepts, without telling them of the homes history. After spending a night in the house, Marge comes clean, but the Flanderses are still thrilled with the home. Their excitement comes to a halt when Homer crashes his car through the house, causing the house to collapse. Marge is fired for ripping up their check, but now qualifies for unemployment benefits.

5F07: Miracle On Evergreen Terrace

Airdate: 21 December 1997

Writer: Ron Hauge
Director: Bob Anderson
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

When Bart wakes early on Christmas morning to open his presents, he accidentally sets fire to the family's Christmas tree. Bart destroys the evidence, burying the melted tree and presents in the front yard. When the family sees a bare living room, Bart tells them he came down early and saw a burglar steal the tree and presents. The community is informed of the Simpsons bad luck and they get together, gathering fifteen thousand dollars for their loss. Homer purchases a car with the money which is soon-after destroyed. A guilt-stricken Bart admits there was no burglar and that he burnt the tree and presents. The town is outraged and the Simpsons are shunned by the townspeople. Failing to get money appearing on Jeopardy, the family return home to find the community looting their home. Robbing them of everything except a washcloth, the town has forgiven them for their lies.

5F24: All Singing, All Dancing

Airdate: 4 January 1998

Writer: Steve O'Donnell
Director: Mark Ervin
Executive Producer: David Mirkin

When Homer rents a Western movie to watch on the weekend, he is disgusted to discover it is actually a musical. Marge is quick to remind Homer of all the times he has sung and danced their problems away, and starts a clip show of all previous musical moments on The Simpsons. Soon after, Snake leaps through the window and threatens to shoot them, but exits when he finds them singing everything they say. After more clips, he returns, threatening to kill for putting annoying tunes in his head. But Snake is out of ammo, so once again, he exits the house. When Homer admits there are worse things than musical comedies, Snake returns, but they tell him they're through with singing, and he leaves. Throughout the credits, Snake complains about the music and fires his gun several times.

5F08: Bart Carny

Airdate: 11 January 1998

Writer: John Swartzwelder
Director: Mark Kirkland
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

A carnival comes to town. Homer takes the family, where he meets a father named Cooder and his son, Spud, who work the ring toss game. While there, Bart destroys one of the displays. Homer and Bart agree to work until they repay the debt. When Cooder has to go to an AA meeting with his son, Homer and Bart take their place at the ring toss game. Wiggum drops by for a bribe, and Homer is too stupid to negotiate with him so Wiggum shuts down the game. When Cooder returns, he learns that he is out of a job and home. They allow Cooder and son to stay at their house. Cooder gives the family tickets for a boat ride. When they return from their trip, they find the windows boarded up and Cooder and his son squatting in their house. They devise a plan to trick the pair and run into the house when they're not looking.

5F23: The Joy Of Sect

Airdate: 8 February 1998

Writer: Steve O'Donnell
Director: Steven Dean Moore
Executive Producer: David Mirkin

Homer gets a brochure from a religious group at the airport and being highly gullible, he goes to their retreat. Because of Homer's intelligence quotient they have more trouble brainwashing him than the rest of Springfield most of who are all sucked into joining the cult. When they finally succeed with Homer, he signs over the family house to the Leader. The Leader begins taking over various media outlets, making Mr. Burns envy him. Seeing an opportunity to pay even less in taxes, Mr. Burns tries to form his own cult, although he is unsuccessful. Homer and the family move to an agricultural compound and begin picking beans. When the children become just as brainwashed as Homer, Marge escapes and enlists the help of Lovejoy, Flanders, and Willie to kidnap her family. They are able to deprogram them and then Homer tries to show the cult that the Leader is a fraud.

5F11: Das Bus

Airdate: 15 February 1998

Writer: David S. Cohen
Director: Pete Michels
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

Bart and Lisa join the school United Nations club. The kids go on a field trip, but Otto drives the bus off a bridge into the water. The bus drifts out to sea, and Otto swims for help. Chinese fishermen pick him up and make him a slave. Meanwhile the children wash up onto a deserted island. They find the food that was onboard the bus and it is their only sustenance. Soon afterward, the food goes missing and Milhouse is accused of eating it. Milhouse is found not guilty by lack of evidence. The rest of them riot at the verdict and chase Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse into a cave, where they find the true culprit, a hog. The kids slaughter it and have themselves a nice meal. While all of this is going on, Homer sets up a business on the Internet. His new business attracts the interest of Bill Gates who comes to the house to put him out of business. And who saved the kids? Let's say.. Moe.

5F10: The Last Temptation Of Krust

Airdate: 22 February 1998

Writer: Donick Cary
Director: Mike B. Anderson
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

The Simpsons go to a mall to buy shoes and a guy coaxes them to come to a stand-up comedy charity event. Bart notices Krusty will not be there, so he pleads with Jay Leno to make him part of it. Krusty agrees and does his typical routine, which bombs, so he goes on a bender. Kent Brockman fills in for him on his show; meanwhile Bart invites Krusty to stay with his family. While at the Simpsons' home, Krusty asks for advice on his act. He tries to do observational comedy for them, but it does not work. He calls a press conference to announce his retirement and he begins talking in a brutally honest way, which makes the reporters laugh. Feeling confident again, he decides to return to comedy and does his new stand-up routines. A couple of businessmen approach him about shilling a new sport-utility vehicle and he agrees to do commercials for the "Canyonero". He tells everyone at Moe's, and loses their support.

5F12: Dumbbell Indemnity

Airdate: 1 March 1998

Writer: Ron Hauge
Director: Dominic Polcino
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

Upon noticing his depressed state, Homer takes Moe out for the night to meet women. He has no luck, but meets the perfect woman on his walk home. He is not exactly smooth with Renee, but she takes a shine to him. He begins to treat her like royalty, but as a result, maxes out his Player's Club card and has to find a way to make money. He devises a plan where Homer will steal Moe's car and destroy it on the train tracks. Homer steals the car but stops to see a drive-in movie and misses the train. Homer switches to another plan and sinks the car to the bottom of the lake. The cops are watching him the entire time, and he goes to jail. Homer makes a jail break and Moe eventually tells Renee about his debt, and pitches a plan to her where he will fake his death. She leaves him, and accidentally sets the bar alight. Homer saves him, and their friendship is restored. Moe turns Homer's house into the new hangout.

4F24: Lisa, The Simpson

Airdate: 8 March 1998

Writer: Ned Goldreyer
Director: Susie Dietter
Executive Producer: Bill Oakley, Josh Weinstein

After having trouble trying to solve a brainteaser and other mounting evidence, Lisa fears that the Simpson gene Grampa has told her about, is taking its toll on her. Meanwhile, Jasper freezes himself in the Kwik-E-Mart freezer since he wants to see the future. Seeing an opportunity to make money, Apu turns the store into a freakshow. Lisa gathers evidence on her newfound stupidity and fears she will turn into another Simpson moron. She gives an editorial on the news on how people should nurture their brains while they still can. Homer tries to show her that not all Simpsons turn out like him. He gathers them on the front lawn and asks each what they do. It turns out all the men are idiots and the women are doing quite well for themselves. Lisa feels relieved with the proof.

5F13: This Little Wiggy

Airdate: 22 March 1998

Writer: Dan Greaney
Director: Neil Affleck
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

While at the Springfield Knowledgeum, Marge notices Ralph Wiggum being picked on and forces Bart to have a play date with him. While sleeping over at the Wiggum's residence, Bart finds out that Chief Wiggum has a lot of neat stuff, including a master key that will unlock every door in Springfield. Bart swipes it, and he and Ralph wander the town. They soon end up running into Jimbo, Kearney, Dolph, and Nelson. They take them to the abandoned prison, entering with the master key. Bart and Ralph play around with the electric chair, leaving it on when they leave. The next day, Quimby demonstrates the use of the electric chair on television, thinking that the chair is off. Bart and Ralph watch the television and are terrified about what is about to happen. Bart goes to Lisa for a quick solution and she shoots a rocket at the prison which tells them the electric chair is on. The rocket is off target but goes into Burns' office, and he turns off the power after Quimby has almost been killed.

3G04: Simpson Tide

Airdate: 29 March 1998

Writer: Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilla
Director: Milton Gray
Executive Producer: Al Jean and Mike Reiss

Homer gets fired from the nuclear plant and decides to join the Naval Reserve. Other reservists include Moe, Barney, and Apu. Meanwhile, Bart gets an earring to look cool, but Homer makes him quit wearing it and ends up taking it with him to sea. Because of Homer's nuclear experience, he is assigned to a nuclear submarine. The Captain likes Homer because of his witty and wise remarks and he promotes him. During a war game exercise, the Captain leaves Homer in charge; things get bad, when the Captain becomes incapacitated. Homer makes some bad decisions and nearly starts a war. Soon, the ship springs a leak, but with the use of Bart's earring, Homer clogs the hole. The submarine emerges from the water surrounded by ships carrying various naval forces from around the world.

5F14: The Trouble With Trillions

Airdate: 5 April 1998

Writer: Ian Maxtone-Graham
Director: Swinton Scott
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

Homer realizes too late that taxes are due, so he cheats on his taxes and files them just in the nick of time. When the IRS subjects Homer to an audit, they agree to let Homer off if he will agree to help the FBI and become a tool of government oppression. He tries to rat on his friends about their illegal conquests and the government enjoys his work so much that they have him attempt a very special assignment. Mr. Burns has a trillion dollar bill that he stole from the government long ago. Homer tries to find it in his mansion, under the guise of writing a magazine article on Burns. When he finds it, the feds bust in and arrest Mr. Burns, but Homer foils their attempt and runs away with Burns and Smithers. They decide to leave the country with the bill and they wind up in Cuba, where they try to buy the country from Fidel Castro. Castro steals the bill and they have to return in disgrace.

5F15: Girly Edition

Airdate: 19 April 1998

Writer: Larry Doyle
Director: Mark Kirkland
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

Lisa becomes anchor for a new news program for kids, with help from Bart, Nelson and Milhouse. Bart's on camera presence gets him upgraded to co-anchor. After he overhears his sister calling him stupid, Bart seeks some advice from Kent Brockman on how to be an anchor. He follows Brockman's advice and begins covering human interest stories that make him popular and Lisa jealous. Bart pretends to be emotional about people's problems. Meanwhile, Homer gets a helper monkey named Mojo. Marge and the monkey do not see eye-to-eye. The monkey gets lazy and fat after hanging out with Homer. Marge demands that Homer give him back before he dies. Meanwhile, Lisa devises a plan to expose Bart for being a phony. Bart ends up at a junkyard, where Willie attempts to kill him for earlier destroying his home. Lisa saves the day by using the same phony rhetoric that makes Bart so popular.

5F09: Trash Of The Titans

Airdate: 26 April 1998

Writer: Ian Maxtone-Graham
Director: Jim Reardon
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

Homer gets into a confrontation with the garbage men and they refuse to pick up his trash anymore. Homer wakes to find all the trash gone one day and he finds out that Marge has written an apology to city hall and signed his name. He retracts his apology and he meets with the Sanitation Commissioner. Homer registers to run as opposition for the existing Commissioner. He stumbles upon the campaign slogan, "can't someone else do it?" Under the plan, the garbage men will do every unpleasant job you could imagine. Homer's crazy promises win him the election by a landslide. To keep his promises he spends the entire year's budget in the first month. To make up the deficit, Homer allows other cities to ship their trash to Springfield, which he has placed in an old abandoned mine. But soon, an explosion of trash wreaks havoc all over town. Mayor Quimby executes plan B, which is to move the entire town five miles down the road.

5F16: King Of The Hill

Airdate: 3 May 1998

Writer: John Swartzwelder
Director: Steven Dean Moore
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

The Simpsons attend a church picnic, where the kids play "capture the flag." Homer joins Bart's team to compete with Flanders, but fails miserably because he is out of shape. To regain Bart's faith in him, he starts jogging. He finds a gym while jogging, and Rainier Wolfcastle is there. Rainier helps him get into tremendous shape and after a few months, Homer reveals this to the family and Bart is very impressed. When the Powersauce energy bar company comes to offer Rainier a gig to climb the "Murderhorn," the tallest mountain in Springfield, he refuses, so Bart volunteers Homer for the job. Not wanting to disappoint Bart again, Homer goes for it. Homer is given Sherpas to help him, but he fires them so that he can do it alone. Even when Powersauce stops sponsoring him, Homer continues in his quest to make Bart proud of him and he reaches the top and succeeds.

5F17: Lost Our Lisa

Airdate: 10 May 1998

Writer: Brian Scully
Director: Pete Michels
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

With the day off from school, Bart uses some industrial adhesive to glue novelty items to his face. As a result Marge must take him to the doctor to have the items removed, preventing Lisa from attending an exhibit at the museum. Lisa asks her if she can take the bus downtown. Marge tells her no, so Lisa uses her brain to outwit her father into letting her take her first solo bus trip. Despite her brain, Lisa gets on the wrong bus. Lenny and Carl make Homer realize that he should not have allowed her to go by herself, so he leaves work in search of her. Meanwhile Lisa has ended up somewhere outside of town. Homer gets into a cherry-picker to survey the town and he sees her, just before he almost gets killed. He tells her about the wonders of taking stupid risks and to demonstrate his point, they break into the museum after it closes. While there, they make an anthropological discovery.

5F18: Natural Born Kissers
(aka. Margie, May I Sleep With Danger?)

Airdate: 17 May 1998

Writer: Matt Selman
Director: Klay Hall
Executive Producer: Mike Scully

When Homer and Marge's anniversary dinner is a flop and their love life seems to lack luster, they try to spice it up. Homer and Marge travel to a bed & breakfast but this doesn't seem to work for them. Meanwhile, Lisa and Bart use Grampa's mine detector to find treasure and they find an alternate to in Casablanca. Homer and Marge discover that the fear of getting caught is the spice they need. They return to their teenage makeout place at the mini-golf course. But when they need to make a quick escape, they forget their clothes and run about the town wearing nothing. They steal a hot air balloon from Gil's car lot and wind up landing on a Football field in the middle of a game. They are ogled by a stadium filled with people and appear in the newspaper the next day.

The Episodes
[4F22] - City Of New York V Homer Simpson
[4F23] - The Principal And The Pauper
[3G02] - Lisa's Sax
[5F02] - Treehouse Of Horror VIII
[5F01] - The Cartridge Family
[5F03] - Bart Star
[5F04] - Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons
[5F05] - Lisa The Skeptic
[5F06] - Realty Bites
[5F07] - Miracle On Evergreen Terrace
[5F24] - All Singing, All Dancing
[5F08] - Bart Carny
[5F23] - The Joy Of Sect
[5F11] - Das Bus
[5F10] - The Last Temptation Of Krust
[5F12] - Dumbbell Indemnity
[4F24] - Lisa, The Simpson
[5F13] - This Little Wiggy
[3G04] - Simpson Tide
[5F14] - The Trouble With Trillions
[5F15] - Girly Edition
[5F09] - Trash Of The Titans
[5F16] - King Of The Hill
[5F17] - Lost Our Lisa
[5F18] - Natural Born Kissers

Matt Groening Says:
Greetings, Friends of Milhouse!

Welcome to Season 9 of those lovable scamps, The Simpsons. You might think that after so many years of creating new ways for Itchy to jam dynamite into Scratchy's nostrils that we'd become cynical and jaded, but you have no idea our fresh-faced penchant for thinking up malicious frivolivity. In addition to plenty of mouse-on-cat mayhem, we've embedded lots of classic treats in these 25 episodes, including the marriage of Apu and Manjula, the fall and rise of Krusty The Clown, Lisa's discovery of the Simpsons male stupidity gene and the disturbing tale of Moe falling in love. Broad-minded viewers will be delighter by the extravagant and bouncy nudity of Homer and Marge in "Natural Born Kissers," an episode as educational as it is arousing. You also get our Emmy-winning 200th episode, "Trash Of The Titans," along with the heartwarming story of Bart destroying Christmas.

And I have to mention some of the great, great guest voices this time around, including Jim Varney, Stephen Jay Gould, Paul Winfield, Rod Steiger and Bob Denver, just to name the ones who are now dead.

So on behalf of the hand-cramped animators, irreplacable actors, clever-beyond-their-years writers, sleep deprived producers, battle fatigued publicists, overworked musicians, and long-suffering production assistants, enjoy!

Your chum
Matt Groening

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