Nancy's Life As A Ten Year Old Boy
by Nick Higgenbottom

Devoting your life to what you love and following your passion is the secret to success. That's the motto voice-actor Nancy Cartwright has lived by and it has served her well. For 25 years, Cartwright has worked as a voice-actor and though she's voiced many characters, her best-known work is as Bart Simpson, in the hit show The Simpsons.

Cartwright dreamed of being a successful voice-actor from an early age. In Australia recently where she performed her one-woman show My Life as a Ten-year-old Boy, Cartwright says some people can take television a little too seriously.

Cartwright says her fans helped develop the idea. "Fans would write me letters asking all sorts of questions so I started answering them," she says. "It was happening so frequently that in 1995 I decided to write a book. The one-woman show has come from that. It has just been a really cool evolution."

Combining her experience as a guest lecturer with her book created the basis of her show. "It's a supersized, super-enhanced version of the lecture," she says.

At universities all over the US, Cartwright encourages young people to stick to what they love, even if it's not their job. "When I do lectures I say: 'Here's the deal... you have to do what you love... seek your passion, or at least make sure that you have an outlet for it'," she says.

The happily married mother of two appreciates the fact that she's doing what she loves but says she's "spinning a few too many plates right now" and looking forward to some time at home. "I want to just focus on my family community," she says. "I'm looking forward to doing the show and then when I come home embarking on another journey."

And what does the future hold for the family from Springfield? "That remains to be seen, but they signed us on for two more seasons and we're only six shows into this one, so we'll see."

The Advertiser: June 18, 2006


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