Homer Hailed As The Ideal Father
in London

HOMER Simpson -- the TV dad with a fondness for being fat, lazy, beer drinking and bowling -- is being praised as a role model for modern fathers

That's what an international conference on fatherhood was told yesterday as experts discussed the pressures facing modern dads.

Viewers of the television favorite may raise an eyebrow when the concept of Homer as a near-perfect dad is suggested, but at least one academic said he certainly had the credentials.

Charlie Lewis, professor of family and development psychology at England's Lancaster University, said people should put aside Homer's love of beer, bad food and even his employment at a nuclear plant.

In this day and age they should look at the love and loyalty Homer gives his children.

"In many households, like the Simpsons, the father is a rather benign figure who comes in from work late at night," Professor Lewis said.

"The main place where such fathers interact with their children is in front of the telly -- much like Homer.

"Homer is a very good western cultural icon for fathers."

Professor Harris said Homer must also be praised for his willingness to drive his children to social engagements in his own time.

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Saturday November 20, '99
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