Duff Beer Bonanza
TV's Homer Simpson can't get enough of it ... and now his favourite beer, Duff, has become a real-life collectors' item, being offered for sale for up to $10,000 a case. Banned from sale in 1996 after the makers of The Simpsons complained the name was stolen from their cartoon series, a local beer called Duff has reappeared for sale via classified advertisements. People who bought a case of beer for about $24 in 1995 are now asking up to $10,000 for the same 24 cans. A six-pack of Duff will set buyers back $1200, while the cheapest advertised price for a case is $4500. "I'm after a quick sale, so I priced a bit lower than some other people," advertiser Andrew Wade, who has two unopened cases said. A Federal Court judge in 1996 ruled that the South Australian Brewing Company had illegally tried to "exploit a strong association" with The Simpsons by making and selling Duff Beer. The case went to court after Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp, the series' parent company, complained. Homer Simpson began chugging a fictional brew by the same name in 1990 when the phenomenally popular show began.