Monday April 2nd
As sites grow old they naturally progress to new designs every year or two. This here is our new design, and it's certainly different to what we had previously. If you'll look around this page you'll notice it's compact, almost fits on one screen, and has its navigation tucked away. The pulldown menu navigation which can be found at the top of the page has been made with flash to avoid browser complications, and these updates are presented in an iframe so they can be as long as i want and not lengthen the page.

As you progress to our interiors, you'll see that they have a design of their own. We've tried to make it as less confusing as possible. You can search the entire site via the main page and our ontv schedule has been cut down. Since we add images often at LETS, you'll notice a feature below these updates which displays thumbnails of the latest images. This will be easier to reference in our updates.