Homer And Bart
Homer: Woo Hoo!
Homer In His Underwear
Homer Pointing
Homer Floating On Water
On The Gong Show
Homer The Chef
Homer Drooling
Drunk Homer
With Cotton Candy
Young Homer As A Hippy

With Ascending Dress
Marge Kissing Homer
Marge Smiling
Marge Looking Mad
Marge Standing
Marge Looking Down

Bored Bart
Smiling And Waving
Bart In Church Clothes
Bart With Mr.Burns
Bart Skateboarding
Bart With Homers Undies
Bart Waving
Bart Smiling
Screaming Bart
Bart Watching Mini-TV
Just Bart

Lisa Simpson
Lisa Screaming
Three Year-Old Lisa
Lisa Showing Her Fist
Lisa In "Cool" Clothing
Lisa Scared

Maggie Playing Golf
Maggie's Playing Blocks
Sitting On Cushion
Maggie With Pacifier
With Snowball & SLH
Maggie Holding Bobo
Maggie Standing

Apu Skateboarding
Hans Moleman
Itchy And Scratchy
Dr. Hibbert
Professor Frink
Frank Grimes
Blinky The 3-Eyed Fish
Moe Szylak

ASCII (ask'-ee) stands for "American Standard Code for Information Interchange." It's basically a table of numbers and their corresponding symbols. We all know that the only things computers send back and forth to each other are zeros and ones. Using ASCII as a standard, a computer can send a series of zeros and ones in a certain order and the other computer will know that it signifies a certain letter of the alphabet.

ASCII covers letters, numbers, and certain control codes. It doesn't cover graphics. Essentially, ASCII artwork denotes artwork that is created without using graphics at all. Its palette is limited to the symbols and characters that you have available to you on your keyboard. It started in the old days of computers. Most computers didn't even display graphics. So, people got creative with text and ASCII Artwork was born!

ASCII Art can be useful since many people's e-mail programs do not view graphics files without the help of another program, and there's no way to know if it does or not. Using ASCII characters to create your picture will allow you to have a picture included on the screen with your message. In order to get ASCII art to display correctly, you must display it in a font that has uniform character width. This is also known as a "fixed width font." Your browser and e-mail programs should have some provision for setting your fixed font. Courier, Monaco, or FixedSys are good bets.

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